Tips for detecting a shonky operator

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A couple of years ago, I found a seller who had a couple of cd's I was interested in. I bid on these and won them.  I paid instantly via bank deposit express, and then waited.  After 2 weeks still nothing, and the seller had been deregistered, but still promising to send the cd's.  I went through his feedback as he'd accumulated a great deal in a very short time, and found that many of them were from people also selling cd's, and it appeared they were buying and selling to build up to a point where they could all make a large amount of money.  After that, I would regularly do searches for a particular cd, and when it appeared, I'd have a look, and if the format of the page was the same as the one I'd bought from, I'd keep an eye on it.  It turned out to be the same one that I'd already paid for, the seller was reported and deregistered before he managed to rip anyone else off.  This happened a couple of times, until I think he gave up trying. I didn't get any money back as it was below the amount that ebay will pay for, and the bank couldn't reverse the deposit I'd made.  The main warning I have to people, is, look at a seller's feedback, if they've only been registered a short time and have made a large number of sales, look into the history carefully.  If you see an item that was bought, for example, at 6-30 pm and feedback left nearly immediately, be wary.

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