Tips on Improving Memory during menopause

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Do you find your memory is worse during menopause? You arent alone... Read on for some great tips on how to improve your memory... Bought to you by the Most Innovative sleepwear on the Planet.. cool-jams wicking sleepwear
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Thank goodness I found this study that says, Low oestrogen levels are linked with certain brain neurotransmitters that play a role in thinking and memory and stress management. As a result, memory problems are also associated with moods swings and depression.
A recent 2014 study featured in the journal Menopause discovered an interesting correlation between hot flushes and memory problems: women who have hot flushes and night sweats during menopause are more likely to experience cognitive problems like short-term memory loss, confusion and inability to concentrate
Thankfully, this study also suggests that the symptoms are unlikely to be permanent, and are the most intense during the first year of menopause.
In the meantime, check out these tips on easing the vague looks and the embarrasement of forgetting what you were about to say.
Improving your Memory
• Repeat what you hear. When you receive a new piece of information, it helps to repeat it out loud to confirm it. This will help you hold onto that information longer.
• Keep your brain in shape. Studies have found that regular exercise (i.e. aerobic exercises and strength training) can trigger the growth of new nerve cells, promote the repair of old ones, and improve blood flow in the brain. Make your brain work instead of taking the easy route. For example, avoid using a calculator for simple math. You can also sharpen your memory with various games. Sites like cognifit have games designed by neuroscientists to improve your memory, attention and focus. You can play alone or with friends.
• Keep your other symptoms in check. Get adequate treatment for hot flushes, since they increase your chances of having memory problems. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and avoid napping during the day (or keep the nap short) to avoid sleeping problems. Relaxation techniques and yoga can improve your stress levels, and therefore improve your memory
• As our Ambassador Dr. John Tickell says, a Natural menopause is an ideal to aim for and this of course is aided by natural foods- as nature intended_ and not interfered with by human beings who refine and process the goodness from our foods
• Check out Jane Matthews Midlife Manifesto with some great tips on keeping on track with what is important to you, especially in midlife…
• On that note, reading even a trashy novel is a great way to keep the neurons firing on all 4 cylinders… They say a saucy novel can be of real benefit to Menopausal women , not just for brain function, but to get a few other areas firing as well.
In the meantime, stay cool, and write and tell me about even one new area you put in your life to help with memory fog…
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