Training your Dog with basic commands

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Training your dog with simple commands such as sit, stay, shake, roll over and drop are all important to ensure your dog stays obedient and submissive. When training your dog rewards are by far the best way to keep it interested. The best way to teach a dog a trick is to repeat it a few (hundred) times, giving it a reward and praise each time it does it correctly. To be perfectly honest it doesn’t matter what treat you give your dog, but make sure they are in small dosages especially at the puppy stage. My preferred treat is liver treats as they are both healthy and yummy (for the dog that is). Other popular treats such as “Schmakos” should be used exceedingly sparingly as it can put your dog off normal food.

1.    Get a bit of treat and hold it in your hand, visible to the dog.
2.    Call the dogs name and walk over in front of it.
3.    Keep repeating the command sit and hovering the treat over the dogs head.
4.    Keep pushing the treat further and further over the dogs head until it has to sit to see it.
5.    Reward the dog instantly.

(Requires 2 people)
1.    Get two people with a few treats each to stand 20 or so metres apart.
2.    Take it in turns calling the dogs name and waiting for it to come
3.    Reward each time the dog comes to each person.

1.    Hold out a bit of treat in front of the dog and tell it to sit.
2.    With a full open palm in front repeat the word wait and take 1 step back
3.    Pause for a second then take 1 step forward again and reward the dog.
4.    Repeat incrementing a step each time.

1.    Put the food bowl in front of your dog making sure you are holding its collar to prevent it from digging in straight away.
2.    Tell it to sit, pushing its behind down if it necessary (dogs tend to focus on the food and forget basic commands).
3.    Tell it to wait repeatedly for 5 seconds.
4.    Let go of the collar and give audible cue such as “good dog!”
5.    Repeat until dog understands and then try without holding collar.

1.    Tell the dog to sit.
2.    Crouch down to its level and hold out a bit of treat flat on your palm.
3.    Reach forward and grab its leg, repeating the word shake.
4.    Reward the dog.
5.    Repeat until dog lifts leg automatically.

1.    Tell the dog to sit.
2.    Crouch down and put one hand on its back (one without treat)
3.    Put the other treat next to its mouth and pull back slowly until the dog lies on its stomach.
4.    Reward your dog.
5.    Repeat until it lays automatically.

Roll over!
1.    Repeat steps to lay
2.    Move the treat either right or left until the dog rolls over. (Make sure your hand is on its back so it can’t just get up.)
3.    Repeat until it rolls automatically.

(This on depends largely on breed, some dogs simply do not drop as easily as others.)
1.    Throw toy (big enough for dog to carry) a short distance.
2.    When dog runs and gets it, pull out a treat and call the dog back.
3.    If it returns with the toy, exchange the toy for a treat and repeat.
4.    If the dog doesn’t return with the toy, walk up to toy and throw it again.

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