Trouble Shooting and Diagnosing a Turbo Charger Issue: Part 2

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Read This Article Before Buying A Turbo Charger on Ebay Or Spend Your Money Buying A Turbo off the Internet - TROUBLE SHOOTING A TURBO ISSUE
Part 2:
(in case you missed part 1, I have repeated this important top section)
Checking the Turbo:

There could be many reasons for loss of power from the engine.
Use the guide below in Part 1 & Part 2 to eliminate issues other than turbo itself.
However, It is advised to replace turbo immediately in the following case:
To do: Disconnect tube between air filter and the turbo charger.
Feel how much play there is in the rotor.
Excessive wear of the turbo is probable if the rotor radial play is great enough that the wheels brush against the inside housing.
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Other Issues:
Low Engine Power
- air leak between inlet manifold and cylinder head
- air leak between turbo and inlet manifold.
- Air leak in the duct between air filter and turbo
- blocked air inlet from air filter to turbo.
- blocked air inlet from turbo to inlet manifold
- blocked air supply to the turbo.
- blocked catalytic converter.
- blocked exhaust manifold
- blocked exhaust pipe or silencer
- blocked inlet manifold
- blocked or defective intercooler.
- camshaft and/or timing belt adjusted incorrectly.
- compressor side of the turbo fouled
- engine wear and tear
- excess pressure valve in turbo stuck.
- malfunctioning wastegate

Losses Power in Higher Gears
- atomizers incorrectly adjusted or broken.
- blocked catalytic converter
- blocked exhaust pipe or silencer.
- defective air measuring equipment.
- defective turbo pressure sensor inlet manifold
- EGR valve fouled

Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list, but gives you some idea.
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