Turbo Timer Buying Guide

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Turbo Timer Buying Guide

The main function of a turbo timer is to protect the turbo of a vehicle from overheating. The device wires to the ignition system of a car and keeps the engine running to allow the turbo to cool down. Turbo timer kits are available for most car models, and they are easy to install by car owners. Learning more about the uses of turbo timers and how to install them on a vehicle can help consumers make the right choice for their car.


Turbo timer function

As the oil supply of the engine cools the turbo, cutting off the oil abruptly leads to the overheating of the turbo, which may result in damaging it. A turbo timer idles the engine after the driver has left the car, until the turbo cools down. Most of the turbo timers available on the market come with an LCD interface, which allows users to mount the device on the dashboard and adjust the right settings for a specific type of engine. Turbo timers are suitable for both turbocharged and supercharged cars.


When to use a turbo timer

Even though using a turbo timer is a good idea every time the turbo overheats, it is especially important to use one when driving in hot summer temperatures or after a high running speed. Using a turbo timer eliminates the need to remain in the car with the engine running until the turbo cools down. As a rule of thumb, a car owner should use a turbo timer when parking immediately after boosting hard.


Features to look for

To make the installation process really easy, buyers should look for a turbo timer that comes with plug-in connectors. These turbo timers are suitable for both small cars and light commercial vehicles. Those who are looking for a turbo timer to install on a larger vehicle with a turbo diesel engine, such as trucks, excavators, and other types of machinery, may want to look for a wire-in model. Buyers should pay attention to the voltage required by their vehicle before purchasing a turbo timer. Most manufacturers produce turbo timers in both 12-volt and 24-volt options to suit most types of vehicles.


There are several brands of turbo timers from which to choose, with HKS turbo timers and Bogaard turbo timers being two popular choices. Most of the turbo timers from these two brands come equipped with a microprocessor control and modern digital circuitry. Other features available on most types of turbo timers include flash memory, lockable preferred idle period, and park brake interface that prevents operation when the driver does not engage the parking brake.


Wiring a turbo timer into a vehicle

All turbo timers come with detailed instructions for installation. In most cases, there is no need to get the help of a specialist to install a turbo timer on a vehicle. Before installing a turbo timer, users should disconnect the car battery by removing its negative terminal connection.

Steps for installing the turbo timer

Next, a user should remove the steering column cover to get access to the ignition harness. After unplugging the stock vehicle ignition harness, car owners can plug the wiring harness of the turbo timer into the connection of the stock vehicle ignition harness. Users should then find the wire that puts the ignition into the "on" position and splice in the correct wire from the timer. The same goes for the power source wire and the wire that goes to an accessory, such as air conditioning.

Securing the turbo timer and setting it up

Finally, a car owner needs to ground the black wire coming out from the timer to any metal ground inside of the dash. Car owners can install the device on the dash and secure it with double-sided tape. To use the device, users need to set the number of minutes they want the vehicle to remain running after switching off the ignition.


How to buy a turbo timer on eBay

Once you have decided which type of turbo timer kit to purchase for your vehicle, it is time to find it on eBay. The large number of sellers on the website make it easy to find the exact type of turbo timer you are looking for with just a few clicks. All you need to do is type the words "turbo timer" into the search bar of the website and browse through the results you receive. To speed up the search even more, use the filters provided to refine the results.

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