Understanding the basics of colour monitor calibration.

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To use a monitor calibration unit, the monitor needs to be reset to the factory default settings,

i.e. no brightness / contrast or other adjustments. The monitor cannot be too old, i.e. 10 years

with the brightness turned up to the highest value for the last 5, or you will not be able to adjust

the brightness / contrast to within the specs the calibration unit needs.

The software leads you through the process and guides you while setting these controls. Then the

calibrator is placed on the screen where the software projects a series of known colours (i.e. it knows

what the RGB values of these colours are) and measures them. When the process is finished it compares

what it has read to what it was supposed to read an makes a adjustment file which is controlled by the

software on the computer from startup each time. Whenever a colour displayed on screen it passes

through that file (kind of like a filter) and is adjusted accordingly so that it matches as closely as possible

the colour it was actually supposed to be.

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