Using Boxing Workouts For Cardiovascular Benefits

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The fact that cardio boxing has received acclaim in the maintenance of proper cardiovascular health is a testament to the numerous positive effects that are accrued from these workouts. The health benefits that are associated with cardio boxing include an increased amount of stamina, speed, strength and coordination. Cardio boxing exercises have been credited with instilling self-discipline in athletes. This aspect in addition to the strength and endurance benefits that have been mentioned combine to make cardio boxing one of the most all round exercise regimens that are can be done by almost everyone. The exercise includes real boxing techniques and it will result in an adjusted heart work rate.

Effects on cardio - It is of paramount importance that you can be able to maintain your cardiovascular system at optimal function. In every cardio workout that you do it is important that you measure your pulse rate.
Do this by placing the middle and index fingers on the wrist or the carotid artery right after the exercise.
Count the pulse for fifteen seconds then multiply the count by four.
This will give you your heartbeats/minute or your exercise pulse rate.
Once you get this value use it to find what your pulse rate will be in the 50-70% range.
Proceed by subtracting your age from 180.

For example: if you are 50 you will subtract and get 130. 50% of 130 is 65 beats/minute while 70% of this is 91 beats/minute.

You should gradually try to get to the 70% level. This will take time to get used to. Once you have mastered the 70% upper limit you can proceed to try the 80% level. This may mean that you will mix various cardio workouts e.g. rowing, skipping and the treadmill. Cardio boxing may be of added benefit. How do you get started?

The boxing posture/stance - This is the position that a boxer takes after and before any boxing movement. It depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. For right-handed persons the left foot should be slightly forward and the right foot should have its heel slightly raised. Make sure that your elbows are raised such that they protect both the body and the chin area. The left hand will do most of the covering. As you move forward start with the left foot then the right foot. For backward motions, start with the right foot followed by the left foot. Left sideways motions should start with the left foot and vice versa.

The punching motions - As a right handed boxer your left fist/jab is used for both defensive and offensive purposes. It should be pushed swiftly and forcefully in the forward direction and then drawn back equally swiftly for defensive purposes. The right hand is reserved for punching. As you throw it forward with the required force you should let the body weight fall to the front foot which will be the left foot. The right foot will remain behind for balance and stability. Make these motions on a punching bag. For every 10 seconds you punch rest for 10 seconds. Use this pattern uniformly i.e. the work period should be as long as the rest period.

With this type of workout you can be sure that your cardio system will reap positive health benefits.

I hope you have found this guide useful and can now see the benefits that Cardio Boxing can bring to your life. Don't forget to rate this article below!

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