Using DETAILS in your listing

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Using details in your listing to describe the item you are selling will give you an edge over the competition you are competing against who are selling the same or similar item(s).

After all, would you want to buy something with only the most minimal of descriptions?  Of course not.  I'll use a DVD listing as an example as to which auction you would want to bid on:


Description by SELLER 1:

The Terminator DVD, 2 discs, good condition, $3 postage, any questions please ask.


This would not really inspire many potential buyers to bid on this item now would it?  Now for the same item with a far better description by a different seller:


Description by SELLER 2:

The Terminator: Collectors Edition DVD (2-Discs).
Collectable Slip-Case Packaging.
Extra Features:  Audio Commentary, Documentaries, Interviews, Trailers, DVD-ROM.
Starring:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton.
Rated: M15+ (medium level violence & coarse language, low level sex scenes).
Run-Time: 117 minutes
Good Condition - A few light marks but still plays perfectly.

Has only been played a couple of times since purchased new.

Postage: $3 to anywhere in (select country) & $8 to anywhere overseas.
DVD will be posted in a bubble wrapped lined envelope for protection from damage.
Any questions at all regarding the item, please don't hesitate to contact me, I should respond within a day or so.


Now which seller would you feel more confident in buying this DVD from?  Of course it would have to be seller 2, because a seller with more time to accurately describe their items are usually more trustworthy to buy from, because it shows a certain level of commitment to the transaction.

I know that describing an item can be time consuming, especially if you are selling many items at the same time, but trust me, if you can spare a little bit more time in adding more details to your listings, you are FAR MORE likely to sell your item, and have an edge over your competitors in the e-bay marketplace.

You should also consider adding extra photos, showing your item from multiple angles, as well as adding a gallery picture (which shows a small picture of your item when users are searching through listings of your item), for the small amount of extra money you invest in these 2 things, you are really increasing your chances to quite a large degree of a more successful sale.

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