Using the Scrypt USB Miner under Windows and Ubuntu

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This USB miner has the necessary software to mine embedded within the on-board storage. Plug the USB stick in and windows will then recognise it as a USB hard drive and assign it a drive letter in Windows explorer.  Here is a simple three step process to start mining under Windows, compatible with Windows XP and up.
  1. Open up Windows explorer, double click on the drive letter and go into the folder called "CP210x_VCP_Windows".  Within that folder there are files, among those files are two named "CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe" and "CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe".  Depending upon your system version, double click on the appropriate file to install the driver. 
  2. You may not know if you are using a 64bit or 32bit version of Windows, in which case do not stress, attempting to install the wrong driver will not crash your system, if the driver install fails then try the other file (whichever you did not just attempt to install).
  3. Begin mining either with the on-stick software located in the folder called "LK-01" (with some Chinese characters after it) or with your miner of choice.  To begin mining, double click on the file called "LKController.exe" within the folder.  You can then adjust pools, usernames and passwords as you desire.
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This USB miner does not need any 'drivers' under Ubuntu because Linux natively recognises devices that use the Silicon Labs CP210x bridge.  Here is a simple process to start mining under Ubuntu.

  1. Plug the USB stick in and Ubuntu will assign it a device container, usually something like /dev/ttyUSB0 (or 1 or 2 depending upon how many USB storage devices you have connected at the time).
  2. You'll need to be familiar with command line.  If not, do a small amount of research and become familiar with command line under Ubuntu before attempting this.
  3. This miner uses Zeus chips capable of a clock speed of 300 - but you will need a fan to cool them down at that speed or they will start to get too many hardware errors. A clockspeed of 200 is normal. 
  4. The latest cgminer will support this if compiled with --enable-scrypt and --enable-zeus. 
  5. To compile cgminer under Ubuntu, run these commands (in the order below) in command line.  For command below, I've had to use the phrase (dot) as Ebay thinks these are web addesses.  Remove the words (dot) and replace with an actual full stop, no spaces:
    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf git libcurl3-dev libudev-dev automake pkg-config
    $ git clone https://github (dot) com/dmaxl/cgminer/ && cd cgminer
    $ ./autogen (dot) sh
    $ ./configure --enable-scrypt --enable-zeus
    $ make
    $ sudo make install
  6. When done, you should be able to run CGminer with the following line:
    $ sudo ./cgminer --scrypt --zeus-chips 1 --zeus-clock 200 -S /dev/ttyUSB0
  7. You may or may not need sudo - depending on if you are able to see USB devices as the current logged in user.
  8. CG miner will start up - asking you for a pool address, username and password. 
  9. Mine away, make money, contribute to the economy but above all, learn and share the knowledge for there should be nothing that cannot be explained, and nothing that can be explained that cannot be understood, what is understood becomes knowledge and knowledge is power!
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