Using two different IDs

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One of the tips for the eBay sellers is to use two different IDs. One ID is used generally for the selling 1 type of niche market and the other is for the other niche.

Or the usage is to use one ID for selling while the other is to post on discussion board. That way, if anyone in the discussion board is unhappy with his comments, they simply cannot disrupt the auction that the seller is running which could result in unwanted negative feedback if it does happen.

Last but not least...
It would be wise to use different ID as a buyer and as a seller. This reason lies in the privacy information which will be exposed to buyers once they have a deal with seller. If there's an unhealthy competition happening between sellers, they can easily ruin your feedback.

With your second ID, you need create a second email address obviously. It is as easy as ABC these days to register a free email account such as Yahoo! or Hotmail.

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