Various methods used in pin pointing ovulation

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There are a handful of helpful things you can do to assist your TTC.

1. trace your BBT (basal body temperature)

get a good BBT thermometer, it should give you a reading of 2 decimal points. The normal one (with 1 decimal point reading) will do the job as well if you are not too fussed.

leave the thermometer on your bedside table, or somewhere you can just wake up and reach with minimum body movement.

wake up roughly the same time each morning, sometimes an alarm clock is helpful :), and take your temperature straight away.

record your temperature everyday. you will see that after O, your body temperature usually will rise by 0.5 degree.

I used this method myself. but I reckon it is more helpful as an assisting tool, rather than purely relying on it. As it only shows what has happened, not what is going to happen. By the time you see the body temperature rises, you have already O'd.


2. saliva OPK

the jury is still out there, i hear lots of funny stories about those saliva tests. some husbands can apparently fern as well. PMSL. I have never used it myself.


3. urine OPK

I used this extensively. combining it with taking BBT, it gives quite clear an indication of when you O. You can read a lot of other topics related to OPK in my guides.


4. CM observation (cervical mucus)

this is another great assisting tool! the CM goes in cycles like:

bleeding (period) -> spotting (end of period) -> dry -> sticky -> creamy -> EWCM -> creamy -> sticky -> dry -> spotting (next period)

EWCM, cervical mucus that looks and feels like raw egg white, is a sure sign that you are very very very very fertile at that moment!!


5. CP (cervical positioning)

when you are not fertile, cervical position is low dry and firm

when you are fertile, it is high, moist and soft

but i am never the one to stick my fingers in. other mums did it. it works.


If you are having fun doing all the above, you might as well start charting. Charting means to put all your data together cycle by cycle. there are several charting website out there. The popular one I and mums in my group use is fertilityfriend.

after several cycles of charting, you will see the distinctive jump in body temperature, associated with +ive opk, EWCM etc. it is quite fascinating really. :)


Most of all, have fun!!!!

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