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With our video library - Learn more about the magnetic underlay and magnetic products for pain relief

Who is magnetic experience and why choose us?

Good Morning, my name is Cameron. My wife Jannese and I are the manufacturers of the Magnetic Experience Products . You are obviously looking to magnetic therapy as a pain relief solution. Over the last ten years we have seen many other magnetic underlay’s and magnetic supports enter the Australian market place. Many customers come to me confused with such variety and don’t know which to choose.  We are very proud of the truly Australian products that we now present to you.

The information and videos that I provide you with will hopefully illustrate our knowledge in this field.  I suggest you take the time and watch a number of my videos. It will be clear that our vast knowledge in this area makes us a leading Australian choice in quality magnetic therapy products.  

Here are Seven Little Known Secrets when doing a Magnetic Underlay Comparison 

After I initially attained the concepts of magnetic therapy, my last ten years have given me the life experiences of dealing with thousands upon thousands of clients in the market place. This combination of life experiences and practical knowledge has allowed me to offer an expertise that I can now pass onto you the customer. You can rest assure that you are receiving an advanced therapeutic product.

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