What To Look For In a Storage System (Part 1)

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Please note that this is part 1 of a 2 part guide.

Part 1

What to look for in a Storage System

Hi. My names Tony and I have spent the last 20 years of my life travelling the world.  My adventures have taken me to many far flung and remote places and I have seen my fair share of the weird and wonderful. 

I am particularly interested in plastic products and how well or poorly built some of these things can be. I have a specialist interest in storage systems as that is how I make my living. 

I thought I’d get a few points down in the form of a guide to help the general public with making a decision as to how to properly select a storage system.  The amount of poorly made systems I have seen is remarkable.  The number of flimsy, useless things that are produced in the name of storage astounds me. 

SO…….I thought I’d better share my expertise here to help you save time and money and avoid making a poor decision in this regard.

What to look for in a storage system:

1.    You want a system that is made of a malleable substance like polypropylene.  The advantage with poly is that – in the right thickness- it can absorb a certain amount of shock and withstand it without compromising itself.  For example a storage box for a tradesperson in the back of a utility may be knocked around daily with all sorts of impacts.  If it is aluminium or wood- this is generally not good and the structure will be compromised very quickly.

2.    Sun exposure is another big factor to consider.  I am Australian and our sun can be very harsh.  Something that is not treated to deal with UV exposure will generally breakdown and become compromised in a very short amount of time.  Polypropylene with a UV treatment added is highly effective in guarding against this degradation and will lead to a much longer life in a storage system.

3.    Security is also a big consideration.  If you are using your storage system for valuable items and it is in a location that is easily accessed by strangers- ie. In a utility, outside at a work location, in a garden area of your home, then you really want to be able to make sure your valuables are safe and sound.  I would recommend a heavy duty lockable latch for additional security and peace of mind.

To see the remainder of this guide, please see Part 2.

Tony, Outdoor Sales Direct

To see what quality storage products should look like please visit my store at:  Outdoor Sales Direct

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