What are the Best Quad Building Exercises

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What are the Best Quad Building Exercises

One area targeted by athletes who do a lot of running and kicking or by women seeking to tone their legs is the quadriceps, or thigh, muscle. The quadriceps muscle is really four muscles (vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris) running down the top of the leg. Building quadricep strength can also improve balance issues. The following are some of the best exercises for people looking to focus on their quads.


Best Quad Building Exercises

In the gym or at home, people can do a number of number of exercises that target the quadriceps muscle. For the most part, these involve variations on squats or lunges. At the lowest level is a simple squat or lunge with no weights. Building from that, one can hold hand weights or have a barbell with weights over the shoulder. Exercisers seeking to tone should use lighter weights and do more repetitions (say 15 to 18). Exercisers seeking to build bulk and strength of the quads begin their workout with lighter weights and around 15 repetitions and progress up the scale to heavier and heavier weights with fewer repetitions.

Home Exercises that Build Quads

A resistance band and hand weights are useful to exercise the quadriceps at home. A good exercise to build the quads using the resistance band is the squat. The exerciser steps on the bands, making certain it is secure under the feet, bends the elbows and holds the band palm out, with the band at the back of the arm. A good squat is one where the knees do not extend beyond the toes, the rear is pushed out, and the final position is similar to sitting in a chair. The bands add resistance to the move, which increases the workload of the muscle. Another exercise that can be done at home using hand weights is a lunge (walking or stationary). With a weight in each hand, the exerciser steps out and bends the forward leg.

Gym Exercises that Build Quads

In the gym, there are many machines that help target the quads. These machines have either weight stacks that are adjusted by the user by using pegs or free weight machines that are adjusted by loading free weights onto them. The best weight stack machines to use to build the quad are the leg press and the leg extension. The leg press can be horizontal or vertical. With the vertical, the exerciser is seated and presses straight out. With the horizontal leg press, the exerciser is on his or her back and pushes straight up. Pressing using one leg at a time is a very effective exercise for building the quads.

In the gym, one of the best free weight machines to use to build the quads is the Smith machine. A barbell is held in position and unlocked when the exercise begins. Weights can be added and both lunges or squats can be performed. Also, another free weight machine, the hack, can be used to do squats against weight, pressing up using the shoulders.


How to Buy Quad Building Supplies on eBay

Buying exercise equipment and supplies is easy and convenient on eBay. A shopper can begin with a general search, like "home exercise“, or use a specific search such as”resistance bands". The shopper can also search for complete home gyms, weights, and kettlebells. Buyers can also purchase protein supplements in powder or bar form to help build muscle.

The buyer should look at a number of listings and compare prices. With some equipment such as upright or recumbent bikes, buying used can save money. With used equipment, there may be no warranty and the buyer should carefully note the condition of the piece of equipment and ask the seller questions when in doubt. Checking out the feedback ratings of the seller is also important. Whether buying buying bulky equipment such as a home gym, or a simple resistance band, the buyer should check the shipping charges.



Squats and lunges are two popular exercises that build the quads. These exercises can be done at home using resistance bands or hand weights. At the gym, the leg press and the leg extension are effective in quad building. Using free weight machines, such as the Smith machine or the hack squat machine, are also effective.

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