What does a LESS than 4.8 Star feedback rating indicate

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What does a LESS than 4.8 Star feedback rating indicate?

The one thing that every buyer or seller looks for on eBay is the feedback rating of a particular individual or eBay store. As a buyer, the feedback rating of a seller is an indication of not only the quality of his goods or items, but also their shipping costs and delivery timelines. Every buyer is allowed to leave feedback for the seller after the successful completion of a transaction and sellers too get to leave feedback for a particular buyer. Thus, the higher your feedback ratings are, the more bidders you will attract to your listings.

A feedback rating of less than 4.8 star often indicates a poor seller. Buyers do not usually take the time to actually read the feedback comments but base their decision on the rating itself. You may have a less than 4.8 rating on account of a handful of transactions and may have hundreds of positive comments, but if your rating is lower than 4.8 star, buyers will probably not be inclined to buy from you.

Another advantage of a better feedback rating is that eBay actually refunds selling fees to those sellers who consistently have ratings of more than 4.8 in all the 4 categories. Thus, in order to keep your rating high, make sure you do everything in your power to ensure a satisfied customer. You could even contact your buyers and request them to give you a 5 rating and could offer them additional services that they are looking for in order to give you the highest rating possible.

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