What features do you need in a Bathroom Scale?

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These days the once humble scale now has as many features as many computers. From Wi-Fi, to body fat scanning, from clocks to Detachable screens, what do you really need in your scale?

* Only 1 in 3 people who owns a Body Fat Scale uses all the features
* 60% of people admit that if they used their scales properly they would be healthier
* 3 out of 4 people don’t know how to use their scales features

It really is startling how many people either don’t know what their scale can do, don’t use it yet admit it would help them if they did know. Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained this all to you in plain English so you could make the right buying choice? Well the good news is, that’s what im going to explain in this chapter.
The once humble Scale now has features galore, but which ones do you really need? Our 7 step check list below will help you decide. 

Like before, simply answer yes or no.

1. Do you have a weight goal?
2. Do you test your body fat percentage at least once a month?
3. Do you like having your results stored on your computer?
4. Is your eye sight limited?
5. Is your bathroom well light?
6. Are you a tech genius?
7. Do you know your hydration level?

Now let me explain. If you have a weight goal, then a scale with a weight tracking feature, or that comes with a tracking chart is ideal for you. If you don’t test your body fat monthly, then you do need a Body Fat Scale.

If you like your results stored on your computer, then a Wi-Fi scale might be something to consider. If your eye sight is limited then you should look for large screens. If your bathroom doesn’t have lots of daylight then a backlight scale is ideal for you.

If you’re not a tech genius, you need a scale that comes with manuals re-written in plain English. If you don’t know your hydration level, or know you don’t always drink 2-3L of water a day you need a scale with a Hydration testing function.

The Good news behind all of this is here at The Scale House we offer you all wide range of scales to suit the exact features that you need.

“My old scale had a small, black and white screen, which was very hard to read. I recently bought a Body Fat Scale from The Scale House, and it has a Huge Blue backlight display which is really easy to read. Oh, and the Re-written manual they offer is great, I now understand how to use it all”

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