What is Mineral Make-up Foundation and the Benefits ?

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What is Mineral Make-up Foundation and What are the Benefits?…

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Mineral make-up has become very popular in the past 5 years with industry professionals like cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists preaching its benefits - and for good reason.

Mineral makeup actually aids the health of your skin, making it ‘guilt-free’ foundation. Applied properly you can give the illusion of clear healthy skin, and easily cover skin conditions like rosacea and acne in minutes, without looking like you’re wearing a mask!

Quality mineral foundations do not run, smear, or crease, making them fantastic for all day wear (without the nasty chemicals found in ‘colour stay’ type products).

What are mineral products made from you might ask?

Reputable mineral foundations contain elements derived from the earth’s minerals such as zinc, and iron oxides, titanium dioxide and bismuth oxychloride. These are minerals that have been around for years. Many people think that because these foundations are loose and look like a powder that it must contain talc, however this is far from the truth. What’s more important is what these products don’t contain.

Traditional make-up can contain a number of undesirable ingredients and be very irritating to sensitive skin. As mentioned talc is used as a cheap filler to make a colour stretch a long way. However most regular foundations also include the top three cosmetic irritants; perfume, chemical preservatives and chemical dyes. All things that you won’t find in professional mineral makeup.

Minerals scatter light when applied to the skin, and unlike regular matte foundation or powder that absorb the light, mineral powders reflect this light, obscuring skin imperfections.

My name’s Kathy and I’m a professional in the health and beauty industry. Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. For more information drop by my eBay store at www.stores.ebay.com.au/everydaywinners and check out what quality mineral make-up should look like.


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