What is a Guide?

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What is an Ebay Guide?

There was a section on my Ebay page called guides. What is a guide? If I made one would it make my page more credible? More professional? Would it make people like me? Would someone follow my Ebay account if I made a guide?
I thought that because there is an entire section on Guides AND two possible types of guide layouts to choose from, it seemed pretty important. I chose the basic layout for my first guide, because I am a basic person and I like to take the easy road. Don't let that fool you though, I'm not lazy, I selected the "best rated" layout first and had a look, and after a thorough examination of the template and I decided to check out this basic template and once I saw it, I stuck with it, because I want to start this whole guide process off on the first step, then build my way up to the more complicated templates once I've had practice.

I'm not really sure yet about what ebay guides are meant to tell you. I am not a trained guide in any form but I could guide you on some things I know. First of all, I am a master at selecting confectionary. You have to select one thing (at least) of every different type of texture - squishy, crunchy, crackley, smooth etc. Then once you have made your selection, open all packets and take one bite sized piece of each confectionary item. Next stack all different pieces on top of each other, and put them in your mouth at the same time. There you have it, the most delicious confectionary treat of all time. I don't know why this hasn't been made into one packeted confectionary treat yet, but I'm glad because it's an opportunity for me to make the best tasting product on the market, and original idea. TM by the way.

Another thing I can guide you on, is a backflip. I can actually do these. Step one is to get a trampoline. Step two is to do three massive jumps as high as possible. Then at the highest height of your third jump put your hands up and snap them down on to your legs while snapping your legs into a ball at the same time. And all the while snapping your legs and arms together, throw your entire ball shaped body backwards, and you will go around in a circle. As soon as you can see the ground again snap your legs and arms out of a ball for the landing. 

Ok that's all for the guide today, I'll think of some more things I can guide you on and write another (maybe even a "best rated" templated guide, we'll have to see). 


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