What is factory outlet and Why and How it works

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Factory Outlet or Factory Direct is a sales channel that goods are sent from factory to buyer only via factory agent.

It is different to Warehouse Sale, as warehouse may not buy from factory directly.

Cost of sales in Australia is very high, because of high labor cost, high land rent, high energy price and many other factors.

Because of this, price on end customer is much higher then its value.
and because of these, best quality product do not sell well,
as price is too high after so many hands.

Factory Outlet is to cut these unfair cost and bring customer best value and best quality

Reliable factory will look after customer after sale. Reputation is also very important for factories or manufacturers. This is also ensured and enforced by agent. As factory outlet agent wont buy too many at a time. If there is problem in quality, agent will not cooperate with the factory again.

Many people may believe importing whole container goods will save a lot of cost than importing less than container, normally < 10 Cubic Meters. This has changed. The difference is really not too much. For small size goods, 10 cubic Meters can be already very large quantity.  In this way, self storage, or even back of house can be used as storage place.

Goods without going through so many hands, without involving sales person hired, people,  cost is minimized.

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