What is the difference between CMOS and CCD camera

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Sure you might have read articles on this subject, CMOS stands for Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor, CCD for Charge-coupled device... Well, this might just make you more confused!

In plain English, CCD image sensors are the more mature technology, CMOS sensors are less expensive, and operate a lower supply voltages, and tend to consume less power. In terms of image quality for surveillance cameras, CCD sensor is a clear winner.  Professional installers generally use CCD cameras, as they are able to provide much sharper images, and have better ability to "see" during low light conditions.  CMOS cameras are still popular among home users, however, due to their less expensive, smaller body shape, and more variety design targeting the home user market.

But don't get me wrong, CMOS sensors too can be expensive and be high quality, as those used on some expensive $1000 plus Canon cameras.

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