What price should I put on my eBay item?

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What price should I put on my eBay item?

The price that you put on your eBay item will depend on the product itself as well as the selling format that you have chosen. For example, if you have a rare product that not many people are selling on eBay but there are potential buyers, then you could set the starting price of this item at a much higher dollar value than you would for another item that is readily available on eBay.

If you choose to sell with an auction and if the product is something you have found in your home, then you could keep the starting bid low. Make sure you have covered your eBay listing fee as well as any other charges that you may incur. Add a small profit to these charges and that will be your product price. If your product is interesting, you are likely to get much higher bids that your starting bid. Also, if you keep the starting bid as low as you can, it attracts more bidders to your auction.

If you are selling at a fixed price, you should research on eBay as well as on other websites to see what similar products are selling for. Once you know what a buyer is likely to pay for your product, you can set a competitive price for the same.

As a general rule to set a price for any product, you need to ask yourself what is the absolute minimum dollar value you are willing to let the item go for. That should be a good starting point to price your products.

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