What to Do on the Queen's Birthday Weekend

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What to Do on the Queen's Birthday Weekend

Whether the Queen’s Birthday weekend falls midyear or during the spring time (depending on the state), it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a lovely long weekend of fun. Masses of events and activities are on offer at this time, and it’s also a great time to shop on sites like eBay.



Fans of Aussie rules football and others enjoy watching the traditional Queen’s Birthday Holiday clash, either on TV or live at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Melbourne Demons always take on the Collingwood Magpies, and fans of the Demons wear red and blue while Pies’ fans dress in black and white.



The Queen’s Birthday weekend is the time when family and friends get together over traditional British food. Some ideas for traditional British cuisine include:

  • Battered fish and chips
  • Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
  • Steak and kidney pies
  • Bangers and mash
  • Roast chicken, vegetables, and rich gravy
  • Crackling roast pork with apple sauce
  • Bread and butter pudding
  • Strawberries and cream

Alternatively, high tea with strawberry jam scones and cream, thinly cut chicken or cucumber sandwiches, and chocolate cake is a good option.


Themed Party

Using red, blue, and white as the basic colour scheme, a themed costume party is a fun way to celebrate the Queen’s special day. Ask guests to arrive in royal-style fancy dress or hold a formal Queen’s Birthday Honours List party where guests have to attend in formal dress. A twist on this could be “honours” awarded for the most interesting or bizarre headgear or footwear.


Mountains or Beach

In the states that celebrate the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, the mountains are a good venue for a few days away. It’s usually the official start of the snow season, so it’s an ideal time to prepare for cold weather with warm clothing and winter sports gear.
Even in mid-winter, the beach is a relaxing place to visit, as it’s normally sunny and clear, and it’s a great time for picnics, beach bonfires, and surfing. Western Australia, where the Queen’s birthday is celebrated in September/October, features gorgeous beaches that are ideal for a spell of unwinding and resting.


Weekend Away

Campers, caravaners, and fans of holiday rentals often take advantage of the long weekend by visiting venues they’ve long wanted to see. Special offers abound at a variety of places:

  • Wine farms
  • Beach resorts
  • Mountain getaways
  • Outback hideaways
  • Rural farmsteads

For those who prefer night action, the cities and large towns offer a huge variety of activities, and pubs, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs always feature some kind of Queen’s Birthday-themed entertainment, whether it be food, drinks, music, or live shows.


Events and Expos

The excitement of the weekend is highlighted by the multitude of events and expos held over this period. Culture lovers are sure to be able to attend jazz festivals in Melbourne. The Sydney Opera House normally has something exciting on offer, and the Sydney Film Festival is held around this time.

Train expos, wine shows, and the well-known Australian Model Expo are open to the public and make for fascinating viewing. Centres across Australia offer bridal shows, home and garden expos, and vehicle trade shows.



Whatever way people celebrate the Queen’s Birthday weekend, it’s sure to be a pleasurable few days. Time to relax, socialise, visit interesting events, view fascinating exhibitions, and have a change from the normal hurly-burly of life.

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