What to do if your Vacuum Cleaner won't suck properly.

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If your vacuum cleaner won't suck properly, there are a few things you can check before taking it to a repairer. Firstly, disconnect the hose to see if it will suck well. If it does, then there will be a blockage in the hose or the floor tool. Hose blockages can be cleared by poking a bit of stiff flexible wire such as antenna coaxial cable down the hose. Then check the bag is not too full and the motor/disaster and exhaust filters are not blocked. Clean or replace as necessary. Note that fine dust such as talc or cement dust can block paper & cloth bags completely. If the motor sounds like it is labouring, or runs extremely hot, then it is likely to be faulty and repairs will be required. Bad smells from the vacuum can be cured by adding an air freshener to the dust bag, or between the filter and grille.

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