What to look for in a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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Bluetooth Speakers are one of the hottest accessories in 2017, but how do you know what you are buying is good quality before you hear it?

Some things to look out for when buying:

1. Bluetooth 4.1 Smart will have a longer range and less chance of interference than older Bluetooth versions. Cheaper speakers will generally use outdated tech to cut cost.

2. The Sound processing Chip. The best being Digital Sound Processing (DSP ) used to be limited to large home audio but technology has come a long way and now we can fit these high-tech chips in smaller speakers. CSR is the next level down and many cheaper speakers will use a generic chip and very cheap wiring so longevity could be an issue.

3. Waterproof rating. The fact is when you add waterproofing you do sacrifice some sound quality High-End units such as BOSE avoid waterproofing all together to get the full sound and that is great if you don't plan to take it anywhere. If you do plan to take your music to the beach, pool or somewhere it may get wet IPX5 is the perfect balance between sound quality and waterproof. You won't be able to fully submerge the speaker but then again you can't listen to music underwater and IPX5 will certainly be fine by the edge of a pool.

4. Voice calling via inbuilt Mic. Look for a speaker with this feature not only is it extremely useful while travelling but if you are swimming you can leave your phone somewhere safe and dry and answer your calls directly through you waterproof speaker.

5. Range. Any decent speaker should have a range of at least 30M although anyone advertising that range that doesn't have at least Bluetooth 4 could be exaggerating a little as older Bluetooth versions are limited to around 15m.

6. Battery life. no one wants the music to stop because it's run out of juice. If it's your speaker your friends may criticise you for
not being prepared look for a speaker with at least 8hrs playback time 10Hrs is even better.

7. Durability. Look for a speaker with a solid construction, cheaper speakers are made from cheap lightweight plastic and will surely break at some point if dropped or squashed in luggage.

8. Accessories. Some speakers come with a range of cases and accessories to allow you to be able to get the most out of your Bluetooth speaker.

9. High-Quality cables. Although we mainly use Bluetooth these days we will sometimes revert to using the standard 3.5mm AUX cable, whether you want to save phone battery or connecting to your laptop look for Gold plated cables they last much longer and the sound quality is much better. Avoid cheap thin cables and chargers.

A Speaker Under $200 recommended by us

The JUBI 1.0 Wireless Bluetooth speaker comes in a matte Carbon finish and is durable I think you would have a hard time breaking it. The sound from such a small speaker is quite amazing with crisp and clear tones that can fill a room and project well outdoors. It is IPX5 waterproof and has the latest Bluetooth 4.1 With Smart Auto connect technology so it will pair to your device immediately when turned on.
With a 10Hr battery and 30M range you really can't go wrong the speaker generally retails for $199 but JUBI sometimes has specials where you can pick up a bargain at $149 you won't find a speaker at this price range that sounds so good.

Check out the JUBI range
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