Why Use Streaming Video into Your eBay Listings?

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This white paper provides information for beginners and advanced users on how and why you should be intergrating streaming video into your auction listings and using video email and live video chat when communicating with your existing and potential customers.

Or How Stay Ahead of Your Competitors ©Paul Holcroft –eBay Trained Education Specialist

Video is rapidly becoming the fastest growing form of communication. The problem is that standard text
format or text and audio combined doesn't have the same impact or retention capability of video instruction. There is no personal connection.
You may have begun including pictures and images to help convey your meaning and make impact. But that still doesn't solve the problem! Why is this?
Perhaps because the true power of a message is derived from visual and auditory cues.

Consider these facts: 
55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression 
38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language, etc. 
It's also important to note when conveying an important message people only remember: 

    * 10% of what they read 
    * 20% of what they hear 
    * 30% of what they see 
    * 50% of what they see and hear together 
    * And 80% of what they see, hear, and do

So what is the solution?
If you want to grab people’s attention, you need fully integrated streaming video technology
to effectively get your message across.


Streaming media is a protocol that allows audio/video files to be delivered via the internet. The term "streaming" means that the file is played in real time as it is being received. There are two ways to view media on the internet (such as video, audio, animations, etc.) and they are downloading or streaming. The two main methods of streaming video are Streaming Servers (true streaming) and HTTP Streaming.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) STREAMING or HTTP DELIVERY: This is the same method used to deliver web pages and is achieved when you download a file and the entire file is saved on your computer (usually in a temporary folder), which you then open and view. This has some advantages (such as quicker access to different parts of the file) but has the big disadvantage of having to wait for the whole file to download before any of it can be viewed.

If the file is quite small this may not be too much of an inconvenience, but for large files and long presentations it can be very off-putting not to mention the bandwidth usage. The easiet way to provide downloadable video files is to use a simple hyperlink to the file. A slightly more advanced method would invlove embedding the file into the webpage using special HTML code.

TRUE STREAMING VIA ONLINE SERVERS: True streaming media works a little differently in that a small link is downloaded and the video is then streamed from online servers rather than the recipient having to download the whole file and then view it. The file is sent in a constant stream and the user watches it as it arrives. The obvious advantage with this method is that no waiting is involved which means your message gets recieved immediately.

Additional advantages include the ability to broadcast live events (webcasting) in real time (much like your own TV station) and live interactive video conferencing with one or more participants at the same time. Furthermore, the recipient does not need any special software to view your message, the link just detects the recipient’s bandwidth and media player, and then begins streaming.


Streaming video over the Internet gets people’s attention and increases the likelihood that your message will be acted upon and remembered. And that’s what’s important when you’re communicating online. From embedding video messages in a simple e-mail to broadcasting live interactive sales and training events, companies are using video technology like never before, to communicate with both customers and employees.

Video Streaming is now an essential marketing tool for all businesses wishing to keep an edge on their competitors and stay on top of the marketing game. If you are not currently using streaming video communications on your website, in your eBay auctions, in your emails, in your training and, in your marketing campaigns you are already behind the eight ball.

Using streaming video in your eBay auctions and for customer contact, personalizes your customers experience. People feel like they are dealing with a real person in a real store and this adds to their confidence in dealing with you which leads to repeat customers. People like dealing with people… not computers.

Just look at some of the awesome uses for Streaming Video in Auctions:

Streaming Video Emails

    * Answering auction questions with video email (creates trust)
    * Congratulating the winning bidder and explaining payment options
    * Follow-up with video email after payment has been received
    * Promoting upcoming sales and preferred customer discounts
    * Monthly store announcements

Video Streaming in Your Auction Listings

    * Create a stunning video presentation of your item for sale
    * Welcome visitors with video
    * Introduce yourself on video on your about me page
    * And so much more....

Streaming “Live” Video

    * Allow customers to contact via live video instant messaging
    * Pay-Per-View Live Broadcasting with polling questions and Q&A feature
    * Live broadcast your upcoming auctions to the world

Email has become the fastest growing form of communication. Every day billions of emails are sent, and that's just the beginning. Experts say that the numbers of emails sent will more than double in the next few years. Some say that it will ultimately grow to as many as 100 billion a day!

The problem is that standard text email doesn't have the same impact. There is no personal connection. You may have begun including pictures and images to help convey your meaning and make impact. But that still doesn't solve the problem! Why is this? Perhaps because the true power of a message is derived from visual and auditory cues. 

eBay sellers, online businesses, community groups, charity organizations, churches and ministries all can use fully integrated streaming video products for their communications to better grab people’s attention.


True Video Streaming has now become an affordable, cost-effective way for businesses to spread their message to a wider, expanding marketplace. There are many different packages available from different suppliers in the marketplace but I have only found one that provides all my media solutions all on the one website and accessible from any computer, anywhere on the planet.

It is called "The Studio" and offers a complete range of digital solutions for online businesses and with plans starting as low as AUD$14.95 (US$9.95) per month there is a solution to fit every budget.

All their plans will provide you with a complete studio of media products including video streaming presentations, video email, video live chat, video conferencing, live video TV broadcasting, video blogging, video pod-casting, mobile phone casting, video format trans-coding for auction listings, free live video phone calls and more…

Visit My About Me Page and find out how you can access thses cutting-edge tools

Video Stream Australia is committed to providing affordable, cost-effective video streaming solutions and training videos to individuals, businesses, community groups, churches and ministries worldwide and, the Studio can even be set-up as a fundraiser for organisations.

Thanks for Looking and have a Magnificent Day!

Kind Regards,

Paul Holcroft

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