Why a Spotlight is a must have item for every Hunter

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Why a Spotlight is a must have item for every Hunter and Camper

Every Hunter who's experienced a day in the field realizes how important it is after a long day to be able to get your field chores done and get home safely. Often times it's the most insignificant and unexpected hiccups that cause you to be delayed until well after it's dark. Inevitably you've forgotten that pocket sized flashlight your spouse bought for you and now it's too dark to see, and you still got a couple of hours to finish field dressing, or getting back to camp. Sometimes you just need an auxiliary light to allow you to finish what you started. An HID light is preferable for work in the field, as the high intensity discharge bulb allows for the best and most efficient use of the battery power. Typically speaking, you will also get the benefit of more natural lighting and visual acuity, as the bulb is meant to portray things in a true light. Generally speaking, you’ll want to find as high wattage as possible, with a reasonable battery life. The brighter light and the better field of vision, the quicker you will be able to accomplish tasks in the field. An HID spotlight can find the middle ground, with a high efficiency and high output HID bulb, without draining your battery.  

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