Why should I create an ‘About Me’ Page on EBay?

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Why should I create an ‘About Me’ Page on EBay?

eBay allows users to create their own personal page on the website known as the ‘About Me’ page. This page is where you can provide potential buyers with all the necessary information related to you and your business. Reading up on your personal information, qualifications and selling statistics helps to build confidence in the minds of visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Yes, your item description can also be used to tell visitors a little bit about yourself. But when a free resource is available to you, which allows you to influence buyers, then why would you not make use of it?

Another huge advantage of the About Me page is that eBay allows you to post external links on this page. Thus, if you have your own website or internet store, you can place links to that website on this page. Smart copywriting will help to make the visitors click on this link and be redirected to your personal website. Not only does this mean huge traffic for your site, but could also mean enormous sales for you. However, you can only place external links to your own website and not a generic site that sells products. This would be a violation of eBay policies, which is why you should be extremely careful with external links.

In order to get people to click on your About Me page, you could offer them some free goodies that are available to them on your personal page. This is a great idea for driving traffic to your About Me page, and subsequently to your website.

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