Why should you NEVER ignore eBay listing fee structures

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Why should you NEVER ignore eBay listing fee structures?

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers on eBay make, especially new sellers, is to ignore the eBay listing fee structure. eBay has a fee structure that is applicable to all its listings. This fee structure differs from listing to listing and depends on various factors such as type of listing, minimum bid amount, type of registration whether individual or eBay store etc. Thus, unless you always refer to this fee structure before creating a new listing, you will never know what fees you are liable to pay.

Also, ignoring this fee structure could result in lots of lost profits for sellers. Let me illustrate this point with an example. Let us say you have created an auction style listing and the minimum bid that you are asking for is $25. If you refer to the eBay listing fee structure, you will notice that eBay will charge you $1 as fees for a listing with that starting bid. However, if you were to look at the fee structure a bit more closely, you would notice that eBay charges only 55 cents for an auction listing that has a minimum bid of $24.99!

Thus, by asking for just 1 little cent more in your starting bid price, you are actually paying a full 45 cents more to eBay as listing fees. Now this may not seem as that much of a difference in fees, but if you were to add it over a whole lot of items, the fees would differ considerably. This is why eBay fee structures are so essential.

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