Windows Operating systems and multi-booting

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windows XP Pro XP_PRO Notes.

XP Relies on its location on the hard disc, to be registered in the boot.ini file.
The boot.ini records the actual location and must be accurate.
Primary Master C: is indicated as drive 0 and partition one.
If moved to a different partition, Partition number must be changed accordingly.
If changed and in-accessable, boot up on any boot disk and edit boot.ini
Restart the computer and hit F5, Safe Mode.
XP will then reset device manager. If not run hardware wizard and reboot normally.

Second Hard drive added.To prevent any problems, run fdisk and set it up as extended only. No Primary Partitions.For overall compatability, I only use Fat 32 for XP C Drive.
That means repairs can be done with any boot disks.
Experts suggest Fat 32 is more efficient than NTFS on small drives.
I use NTFS on other partitions to handle ISO images which exceed the fat32 limit of 2GB.

Multibooting with XP_PRO.

The most important steps are to abide by steps shown above.
We now move to prepare the hard drive.
My setup and preparations using Partition Magic and Boot Magic 8.
Split a hard drive into four equal partitions. C: (primary) D,E,F (logical).
Install XP_PRO on partition one: Drive C:
Install Partition Magic 8.
Install Boot Magic 8 on drive E:
Run Partition Magic 8 and delete drive D:
Run Partition Magic 8 and select Add New operating System.
Select the deleted free space and select now.
This will re-boot to the hidden new Primary C: where you proceed to install Win 98 or ME.
At Completion, scroll to where Boot Magic is installed,run BMCFG32.EXE.
Click enable and your two operating systems are now enabled.

The advantage is that you can easily re-install either operating system then
simply re-enable boot magic from any operating system.

Installing Mandrake Linux.

A nice simple operating system to install. It will install on any logical partition.
Again, Partition Magic 8 can be used to create the linux partitions.
Simply resize any logical partition then create three linux partitions.
I create a Lilo Boot partition: /boot.
The Main Partition / (root).
The Linux swap partition. Linux Swap.
For more details, see my web page.

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