Your Guide to Buying a Sony Xperia Z

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Your Guide to Buying a Sony Xperia Z

When coming to invest in a new mobile phone, the Sony Xperia Z model should be considered as a viable purchase. Although it is priced at approximately $700, the Xperia design has impressed existing customers and has turned around the previously negative opinions associated with a Sony-manufactured smartphone.

If worried about the potential expensive outlay for the phone then using eBay to complete the purchase can unearth some fantastic deals.

Specifications of the Sony Xperia Z

If interested in the capabilities of the Xperia Z model then this section will review some of the important specifications.

- The phone runs on the Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system; updates are constantly released for this.

- It is operated via a large touch screen, which is shatterproof and manufactured from scratch resistant glass.

- Has a super-slim design but sturdy enough to deal with potential accidents.

- High protection ratings mean it is resistant to dust and water, whilst also remaining water-proof up to 30 minutes in shallow depths.

- Includes a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Krait processor.

- Basic storage capabilities are sufficient but expandable space can be utilised if needed.

- Camera is of high quality which comprises touch-focus, face detection and image stabilisation features.

The table underneath provides the applicable stats which can be used against similar phones on the market:




Length– 139mm. Width – 71mm. Depth – 7.9mm.


146 grams or 5.15 ounces.


1080 x 1920 pixels. Multi-touch capabilities.


16 GB, 2 GB RAM.


13.1 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash.


Li-Ion 2330 mAh battery. Non-removable.

Buying Considerations for the Xperia Z

Although some networks may offer payment plans to reduce the immediate outlay for the Xperia Z model, buying it straight away can set consumers back a high amount. However, the increased cost is met with strong and reliable features, meaning that it deserves its place at the high-end of the market.

Take into consideration the size of the phone also; it is on the large side and can be tricky to carry around all day. Because of this, those who carry a phone in the pocket may wish to look elsewhere for a more subtle and lightweight option.

If regular internet use is desired then the Xperia Z doesn't disappoint. Text can clearly be read without necessarily zooming in because of the high resolution settings. Playing games and watching video media, such as TV programs or films, is also a beneficial aspect of the phone.

There is no reason to be concerned about missing out on newer and improved phone models appearing on the market soon after this one has been purchased. Upgrades can be downloaded straight onto the phone, such as the latest Android 4.2 version.

Look into buying accessories to improve the experience of using the phone, or to prolong its condition. Touch pens will reduce the chance of fingerprints on the screen, whilst a case can reduce the damage caused by accidents.

As well as the conventional black model, a variety of other colours are also available. These include white , purple and pink.

Using eBay to Purchase a Sony Xperia Z

This section will look at how to find and purchase the relevant product on eBay.

- Searching by keyword is the simplest way to bring up the most desired results. Type in ‘Sony Xperia X' or simply ‘Xperia Z' and then select the Mobile Phones category from the left-hand side of the page.

- The listings can be narrowed down by personal preference to reduce the possible options. Select the Buy It Now phones for an immediate purchase, or alternatively try and win an Auction for a potentially reduced amount.

- Make sure to read the description of the phone provided by the seller as thoroughly as possible. Also take note of the payments and postage information provided. This, along with checking the seller's rating and feedback, will ensure for a successful purchase.

- eBay Deals is a division of the site that offers goods at a lower price than can be found elsewhere. Check out theSmartphones subsection of the Phones page for any Sony Xperia Z models if concerned about overspending.


With the large layout, high definition screen and sturdy design, the Sony Xperia Z is a popular choice with customers who are looking for a phone at the higher end of the market. Its' easy customisation modes mean that it can be modified to suit the person using it quickly and easily.

Buying on eBay is an option to consider, as different models of the Xperia Z can be found at some fantastic prices.

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