eBay: Help needed reporting blatant listing violations

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eBay: "Help needed reporting blatant listing violations"

Where does one report an unprincipled, unethical, disingenuous, so-called "notice board" provider that, in Australia and the UK (and undoubtedly soon in the US) now disguises bidders’ IDs to such an extent that genuine bidders can no longer spot suspicious bidding patterns and thereby protect themselves from the shill bidding cheats who are undoubtedly now having a field day, every day, on this "notice board"?

In support of the decision to move to absolute anonymity this "notice board" provider has even made the absurd statement: "… this initiative [to obscure bidders IDs] has no impact on shill bidding [and] there is no correlation between hidden IDs and shill bidding." Clearly, this "notice board" provider is of the opinion that that anyone who posts items for sale on their notice board is a dim-witted fool.

The new absolute anonymity regime now in place in Australia and the UK (as opposed to the bidder-specific anonymity still—but undoubtedly not for much longer—in use in the US) has only one purpose: to further obscure bidder IDs to such a degree that genuine bidders have got absolutely no chance of spotting any suspicious patterns of bidding, and it has to be accepted that the "notice board" provider has been successful in this aim. (If anyone can think of any other logical excuse for this increase in the level of anonymity do please let us all know.)

Buyers’ cannot report what they cannot see, ergo the "notice board" provider does not have to spend any of their valuable resources pretending to do anything about it. Problem solved—for the "notice board" provider. But, for the genuine bidder, beware!

What, then, is the purpose of reporting to this "notice board" provider, "rip offs" of its members by individuals, when this "notice board" provider is now brazenly "aiding and abetting" an undoubted hoard of shill bidders to "rip off" those same members?

Clearly, this "notice board" provider is not at all concerned about the "safety" of its members; only about its appearance of being concerned about such matters—and not doing a very good job of it either!

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