eBay Listing - Formatting the Description with HTML

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How to make your ebay auction listing looks much more outstanding than the others? I found the power of HTML lately and have been studying the HTML codes and using them in my eBay listings.

My listing sample

I just got a designer to prepare a template for me to start with as I don't have much knowledge on how to write codes and it saves much more time than starting everything from scratch. After I've got a full picture of how my ebay auction listing would look like, I changed a few things there.

Before starting anything else, let's have a look at HTML Quick Reference first.
Line break: First line<br>Second line
Paragraph break: First line <p>Second line
Horizontal line: First section<hr>Second section
Center-justify: <center>in the middle</center>
Right-justify: <p align=right>way over<p/>
Start a bulleted list: <ul><li>item A<li>item B</ul>
Start a numbered list: <ol><li>item A<li>item B</ol>
Bold: Shipping is <b>Free</b>
Italics: it's <i>really</i> important
Subscript: Drink H<sub>2</sub>O
Superscript: Turn 180<sup>o</sup>
Set the font: <font style="font-family:courier">mono-spaced</font>
Set the font size: <font style="font-size:120%">Big</font> or <font style="font-size: 80%">small</font>
Set the font color: It's <font style="color:white">invisible</font>!

A few more:
1. I've used HTML codes to create a table.

Here is a simple one to show you how to make a table of 3 columns and 4 rows:
<table border="1">
< td>Row2</td>
< td>Row3</td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td>Row2</td>
< td>Row3</td>
< /tr>
< /table>

2. Adding a picture.
<img src="yourimageurl">
<img src="yourimageurl" align=right hspace=4 vpsace=7 border=1>

3. There are some websites that are available for your to create your scroll gallery and ebay buttons. So it is very handy. Go to my sample listing then you will understand what i meant. 
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