eBayana Cabana: Collector's Guide to eBay at the Beach

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A day at the beach ain't no picnic, so I won't tell you here about my fabulous  eBay picnic basket with the four sets of utensils (red or blue) and the set of four  eBay napkins with a matching  eBay tablecloth (red and white check or blue and white check). And there's no need to mention my equally fabulous  eBay picnic knapsack with the dishes and utensils and plastic wineglasses for four, plus the  eBay Live Auctions corkscrew I added. You don't need to bring a picnic to the beach, because you can eat all the sand which is there. (Get it? All the sandwiches there? LOL) Speaking of sand…

What  eBayana do you bring to the beach? Well, the first thing I always want to do at the beach is build a sand castle. So I'd pack my  eBay Germany Sandkrakenpuzzle for inspiration. The  eBayana category at  ebay.de often yields rarer and/or more exotic items than can be found in the  eBay-ana category at  ebay.com, and the  ebay.de Sandkrakenpuzzle is definitely both. It means Sand Octopus Puzzle, and it's a 24-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a sand castle made in the likeness of the octopus that currently stars in  eBay Germany's advertising campaign. Don't ask me to explain it, but the octopus has been around for several years now and has generated several  ebay.de chotchkes of its own along with an octopus-print shirt and matching downloadable desktop wallpaper.

The  eBay Germany octopus (Kraken) also inspired one of my favorite items ever from the eBay-Fanshop ( ebay.de's answer to  The eBay Shop) which seems, alas, to be currently defunct. And it's definitely an item you'll want to bring to the beach: a Kraken Badekappe, or Octopus Bathing Cap. It looks just like the octopus' head in white rubber, complete with big yellow eyes and a full-color  eBay logo. Fabulous!

While we're playing in the sand, please admire my  eBay sand bottle from seller  shwaihat of Jordan. My friend  shwaihat (we've become friends through my  eBayana purchases and his generous gifts along with them) creates some of the best handmade  eBayana ever. The  eBay sand bottle is definitely the most unique of all these items — I know unique means one of a kind, but all of  shwaihat's handcrafted  eBay items are one of a kind, and I think this is the coolest. It's a corked bottle with a narrow neck and fat body that contains layers of colored sand, with the  eBay logo spelled out perfectly in colored sand in front over and over top of the layers. How do they DO that?!?

By now you're probably ready to rinse some of that sand off. But it's a long walk to the water and the sand is hot, so first you'd better pick out a pair of  eBay flipflops to protect your tender tootsies. There is a positively ridiculous wealth of  eBay flipflops from which to choose:

  • eBay thongs (no, not that kind of thong; I discuss that kind of thong in the eBay Lingerie Guide!) in bright blue with an eBay logo'd label on the blue strap, a red suede toepiece, and the "ebaY" logo cut into the blue sole in reverse so it leaves the logo imprinted in the sand when you walk; originally from The eBay Shop, where I got them on sale
  • eBay thongs from eBay Germany; in red, blue, yellow, or green straps with soles layered in all four eBay colors and the "ebaY" logo cut into the sole; colorful and fun! and as is so often the case, so much cooler than any comparable eBay item available in this country
  • eBay flipflops for men in bright blue with a white eBay logo on the criss-cross straps and a black sole; I don't know where they came from originally, but I've only ever seen two pairs, and we own one of them
  • eBay Platinum PowerSeller Strandesandalen (Beach Sandals) from a Platinum PowerSeller event held in Mallorca, Spain; won from lil-betty at ebay.de for the princely sum of 1 Euro (less than $1.50), and I had to get special permission to bid because originally she only was going to ship within Germany
If you're going to go in the water, you're definitely going to want to wear the other item I won from lil-betty: the  eBay 3…2…1…Meins! Badehose ( 3…2…1…Mine! Bathing Suit). It's a bright blue Speedo-style garment by Arena — makers of high-tech clothing and swimwear — in bright blue 100% Polyamide. The full-color  eBay logo is on the front, and across the seat it says "3…2…1…Meins!" which is another line from an eBay Germany advertising campaign. It means "3…2…1…Mine!" and is intended to capture the excitement of winning an auction. This beathing suit was commissioned for a TV commercial in which the guy wearing it jumped or dove from a tower into the water. I'd love to see that commercial, wouldn't you? But at least you get to see the bathing suit. I won it for just 3.53 Euros (about $5). A steal of a deal for this " eBayana rarität" (rarity) and "Einzelstücken" (unique item, to quote the auction description).

While you're up and moving, why not play a few beach games? We've got plenty of 'em.  The eBay Shop currently offers an  eBay Suction Cup Catch game that's fun away from the beach too, even indoors; it consists of a ball made of suction cups that players toss back and forth between two paddles. It comes with its own black carrying bag bearing the  eBay logo in white. Or tote along  The eBay Shop's  eBay 3-in-1 Game Set, which also has its own red and gray  eBay-mongrammed carrying bag. It contains, as the name suggests, three entertainment sources: a Velcro ball toss game with a Velcro ball and two Velcro paddles, a lacrosse-type game with two net-pocketed rackets and a soft rubber ball, and everybody's favorite beach toy — a kite! The kite was also sold separately by  The eBay Shop, and it's a high-tech 3D bird-type model in a vivid rainbow of colors and a tail of red, blue, yellow, and green. It comes in a bright red pouch bearing the  eBay logo in white.

Whether you're on the sand or in the water, beach balls are always fun. And aside from the fact that classic beach balls just so happen to be made of panels in all four  eBay colors and white, we've got three — count 'em, 3 — complete sets of  eBay beach balls. One set features one translucent ball in each of the four  eBay colors with the  eBay logo in white. The second set is in red and white, blue and white, yellow and white, and green and white, with the  eBay logo on them in black. The third set is clear with the  eBay logo in red, blue, yellow and green respectively. We got these from keynote addresses at various  eBay Lives!, where they were tossed around ahead of time to help whip us all into the appropriate eBaysian frenzy. We picked ours up off the floor on the way out, and we didn't even have to knock anyone else over to get them. We also have an  eBay Motors beach ball in blue and white that's slightly smaller than regulation size.

If paddling on shore as well as in the water is your racket, you definitely will want to play a round or two of beach tennis with the  eBay beach tennis set from the eBay-Fanshop at — where else —  eBay Germany. It consists of two bright blue industrial-strength plastic paddles with a big full-color  eBay logo. I've added a green foam rubber squeezie ball with a black  eBay logo to slow down the action, but the original bright red hard rubber ball will really keep you on the run.

Then there's everybody's favorite beachtime pastime: Frisbee, of course! And we've got even more  eBay frisbees than we do  eBay flipflops. First there's the  eBay frisbee set from the late, lamented eBay-Fanshop at  ebay.de, with flying disks in all four colors each bearing a full-color  eBay logo. We sold our set to our dearly beloved  eBayana-collecting friend  xoxmas, who hung them on the wall as eye candy. And there's the  eBay Summer Picnic Fun frisbees, which I've seen in red, green, and blue but not yellow, from the employees-only  eBay Summer Picnic Fun 2000 beach bag. It's bright red with the  eBay Summer Picnic Fun 2000 logo, a round cooler bottom, and a mesh drawstring top sack that contains a plethora of  eBay goodies, including the frisbee and a water bottle, if memory serves me correctly. The frisbees say " ebay Summer Picnic Fun 2000" in white, with white waves below the  eBay logo. The bag itself is as great as its contents, and so handy for the beach.

But before we get into beach bags, let's finish up with the frisbees. For mellower players or use indoors, there's the soft green floppy  ebaycareers.com frisbee recently offered in the  eBay-ana category by  kilita1 of Vancouver, CA. Having been among those who lost their job when the  eBay Vancouver Customer Service Center closed down as of August 1, 2009,  kilita1 is  liquidating all of their  eBay employee swag. Woohoo! But I'm sorry about the loss of those jobs; several eBayers I know have been put out of work.

Getting back to the frisbees (and I am using the word with a lower-case "f" as a generic term, because not all of these flying disks are genuine Frisbees), my personal favorite is a red screaming light-up frisbee with the full-color  eBay logo. It's got bright red LEDs that turn on at the flick of a switch, which also activates an alien-like whistling noise that changes pitch as you toss the frisbee. Needless to say, it is waved through the air more than tossed, because heaven forbid it should get broken. I wish I could remember where I got it or knew why it was made.

Last but least, there's a white eBay Canada frisbee with the full-color  ebay.ca logo, recently offered in the  eBay-ana category by seller  munastreasures. It's pictured here along with some other nifty beach accessories, namely an  eBay Live! 2003 red  nylon cooler bag featuring that year's "You're the Star" feedback star logo in white and a yellow neoprene visor celebrating  eBay On The Road, a 1999 promotion that had  eBay staffers criss-crossing the country in an early version of  eBay University.

Speaking of visors, let's get you some sun protection before we move on to beach bags, coolers, and water bottles. Do you want to borrow my  eBay Motors chapstick? It's a handy pop-up style you can wear around your neck. And those  eBay On The Road visors have a curly elastic backstrap and come in all four  eBay colors — perfect for the beach, since they're made of seagoing neoprene. (We're going to leave the cloth gimme/baseball caps and visors at home for today, because that's a whole 'nother guide.) What's also perfect for the beach are the  eBay bucket-style fisherman's hats, of which again we have an elegant abundance. I have them in white from  eBay Germany and  eBay Italy, with their respective  ebay.de and  ebay.it full-color logos. Then there's a reversible model from  The eBay Shop back in the day, which reverses from khaki to navy blue — with the full-color  eBay logo on each side — and is water-resistant for rainwear.  The eBay Shop currently stocks an adorable child's version of the fisherman's bucket hat in white with the full-color  eBay logo, perfect for protecting your baby's delicate scalp.

Since you're wearing your  eBay fisherman's hat, I suppose you're going to want to go fishing? No problem! It just so happens that I am the proud possessor of an iCast  eBay fishing lure. Why, you ask, was an  eBay fishing lure produced? I have no idea. But here it is. It was the very first item of  eBayana I won from  close.shave, who has become a dear friend and from whom we won quite a bit of our choicest  eBayana.

By now you're probably wondering how all this gear can possibly be toted. Luckily,  The eBay Shop currently offers an all-purpose mesh bag in black with a yellow front panel bearing the  eBay logo in white. It's perfect for the beach, the market, the gym — the possibilities are endless. It's It is 17" high by 14-1/2" wide by 8 1/2" deep and features a front zip pocket and drawstring closure with backpack straps. It doesn't come in any of the other three  eBay colors, but at least for once yellow isn't getting short shrift.

The eBay Shop also has (or at least had)  eBay beach bags in each of the four eBay colors and black. They're made of industrial-strength nylon with a side-zip front pocket and a drawstring top plus several grommets to let sand and water escape. Perfect! If you were really lucky, you might even have won yours for answering the Secret Word question on  eBay Radio. The photo here is provided courtesy of Griff, known on  eBay as  uncle_griff, who posted it on the  eBay Radio Super-Secret Chatboard.

Then there's the aforementioned  eBay Summer Picnic Fun 2000 red cooler beach bag with the round cooler bottom and the mesh drawstring sack up top. It's one of several  eBay coolers. The best ones come from  eBay Live!: first, the aforementioned red and white cooler from  eBay Live! 2003 with that year's feedback star logo (because the theme was "You're the Star") and better yet, a collapsible cooler from  The eBay Shop at the very first  eBay Live! in Anaheim, 2002. It's also bright red and black Cordura nylon with that year's  eBay Live! logo (where the "Live!" part is in turquoise) on a patent rubber oval tag on the top, which is the front when the bag is collapsed. Folded down and Velcro-strapped, it's about 10" x 10" by just 2-1/2" wide; opened up, it's big enough to hold a 6-pack, and the Velcro straps serve to reinforce the sides. The top Velcros flat when collapsed and zips plus Velcros shut when it's opened up, and it's got an adjustable strap so you can carry it by hand or over your shoulder.

You're probably pretty thirsty by now — I know I am — so it's a good thing I brought along a good selection of  eBay beverage holders. In addition to green Zuma and blue polycarbonate/stainless steel water bottles from  The eBay Shop (the latter originally was available in three out of four  eBay colors), I've got a full set of paired metal water bottles — tall and short, one pair in each of the four  eBay colors with the ebay.com.tw logo in white — from  eBay Taiwan; a red metal water bottle from  eBay Singapore with the  ebay.com.sg logo in white and its own carrying pouch; and an earth-friendly Sigg water bottle with the  eBay Green Team logo. Oh, and let's not forget the one-gallon translucent plastic water jugs in all four  eBay colors from  The eBay Shop. And the metal thermos bottles from  The eBay Shop, also in all four  eBay colors. But we're not going to get into travel mugs, because that's part of a whole 'nother guide. If you brought your own water bottle, I'll let you keep it cool in my  eBay Summer Picnic Fun 2001 blue insulated bottle holder with the front zip pocket and over-the shoulder adjustable carrying strap.

Worn out? Me too. It's time to settle down and catch some rays. You can spread out a blue or gray acrylic stadium blanket with the  eBay logo if you've just gotta have a blanket — it comes with its own handy carrying pouch — but I prefer this lovely yellow and white employees-only  eBay beach mat. It folds up to become its own carrying case bearing the  eBay logo in white and has an inflatable pillow at one end. I won mine from  liv.faith, and I've only ever seen one other one. It was yellow and white too. I don't know what happened to the other three  eBay colors.

Whether you're still wet from our swim or just sweaty from playing all those beach games, you're going to need to dry off. And boy howdy, are you lucky, because we've got a fantastic assortment of  eBay beach towels from which to choose. Unfortunately, I didn't win the one from  eBay Australia ( ebay.com.au) that came with its own carrying bag. But I do have one from  The eBay Shop at  eBay Live! 2003 in Orlando. It's got a lovely array of  eBay feedback stars and says "You're the Star", which as I've already mentioned was that year's tagline. I've also got a nice pair of  eBay beach towels with the  eBay logo in an oval on a towel of all four  eBay colors. And for a mere $15.95, you can get a fabulous new  eBay beach towel from  The eBay Shop in your choice of all four  eBay colors with a beautifully embossed tone-on-tone  eBay logo. Very classy!

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