how to be safe and recieved item quickly

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Dear all my friends,

     As frist i had to accept I am a ebay addict!!! Love to be on it Love to shop on it. Well as you can see my english not that perfect, But my heart go for ebay. I learn to shop and sell for many years, Now i design to open my shop again , i love to do my nail up when i have times. that why i decide to sell a nail art as because i love it.

     Well as my lesson on ebay i found many angry ebay as they not got what they want, My self i think ebay it fun and excite, but you have to know your game too.  Be the good buyer and be the good seller that what ebay about Honestly in this game you will be fine along

      To be safe if you a new use paypal to paid for your items, As myself i think ebay very protect and help Buyer alot, that why they join ebay with paypal to help everythings more easy , but ofcause for seller will cost us more if yo asked what i prefer i will said i prefer you to do bank deposit as we don't have to paid a fee to recieved payment.

       But paypal it easy quick and made our sale record higher so no doubt about this, But if you buyer don't have a paypal i recomment to join one as it have a 1500 Aud protect cost, Anyway but if you have to use bank deposit Remeber use your ebay name as a reference you will found it made buyer post item for you so quick with your ebay name on your payment.

       Sometime if you don't use internet banking you could not use ebay name as a reference and you feel more frustate as you put money direct to bank and you not recieved items !!!! what wrong with that because if you walk to bank teller told them to put money in the bank for seller all the seller can found in the bank is only the branch area they not knew who is deposit money. Some seller have more than 10 person deposit money to they bank, it is very frustate suitation for seller too , Trust me we had to spent time try to find who is deposit money to us for hour ever that we still could not find whoes.

      the best way for you accpet use paypal deposit money with your number , Any number like post code, phone ,any then sent email to buyer let them know your number , well your item will post to your door in next days

      Honestly that the way in ebay have fun along the way And don't forget comunication that another important in ebay, Treat people like you want to be treat.

      Love Ebay , Love you all. 

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