how to save postage and minimize lost in transit

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How to Save postage and minimize the possibility of item lost during transit for Ebay Sellers

Charging customer postage incorrectly could definitely be nightmares for Ebay sellers. Too less charge could only result in actual postage cost eats up your profit and too high charge would make your listing less appealing thus uncompetitive.

Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know when you are preparing your parcel if you use Australian Post as your usual delivery agent.

1.  Know the correct post rate. Make sure you have an updated postage charge table in front of you all the time. Do not play fire with Australian Post (for e.g when you try to post an item over 500g for the price of 250g at $4.20), they might not weigh the box every time however once they found out you will receive a warning notice which mentions that if you do so again they will return the parcel and charge you $1.00 administration fee and the difference in the postage cost.

2.  Know the difference between weight and cubic weight. Have you ever come across the situation that you are stunned by the price quoted by the staff in post office when you try to post a box and you thought the price should be much less according to your own calculation? That is because you haven’t noticed the tiny prints next to the online tool provided by Australian Post when you do the calculation. Yes, it is cubic weight! Weight or cubic weight, which ever gives a dearer price is charged by Australian Post (tricky isn’t it?) Cubic weight is calculated as height x width x length x fix number (kg). What you can do? Pack your item in as small box as possible!

3.  Take advantage of the definition of ‘large letter’. The definition states that as long as the thickness is less than 2cm, lighter than 500g and the length and width do not exceed 36cm and 18cm the item will be considered large letter otherwise parcels. If you study the words carefully it doesn’t specify large letter has to contain paper only. So squeeze what ever you are selling into the envelop as long as they fit the size providing them with proper protection (bubble wrap), and here you go, $1.50 max, much cheaper than via parcel service. (But of course dangerous goods prohibited by Australian Post is excepted obviously)

4.  Print out the address label and affix them on your parcel using invoice enclosed transparent self-adhesive envelope. These envelopes can be purchased in Post Office or Office Work or even on Ebay. The benefit of posting your item in this way is it will eliminate any human error instead when you manually write down the address on the parcel. Also it gives a much easier time for the post man if your hand writing is horrible which ultimately increases the accuracy of delivery.

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