how to use ebay to create bussiness contacts list.event

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Hi and WELCOME to my NEW READERS...This is a short GUIDE on how to create your own small bussiness contacts/LISTS/thru your trading on ebay...if you are selling and planning to open a virtual shop,especially for the first I HOPE MANY OF YOU are seriously thinking want to make and cellebrate events to help generate interest in your own ebay small maybe asking how can I do this and why...when people open a shop in the REAL WORLD...the majority of them spend MONEY to advertise there location/or locations...the bigger the more money RADIO and T.V. advertising...they pick an opening date and have to set up a real shop...lots of money spent...then more money spent as they promote there opening in paper products to the local public living near where their BUSSINESS will be now they are still not open but are ready with a stocked shop costing them a huge amount of outlay up front already...not including the leases they have just signed too...usually YEARS for a better RENT PRICE...more money spent...still nothing coming back in...then there must be a car involved both personal and bussiness for all the extra travel to the NEW now I hope most of you can see how much REAL WORLD money they have had to spend so far with no quarantees of success and no money in so far...many of you are alreay at this stage for your own small bussiness...many of you without relising until NOW!!!you have already achieved all of that and more and it's ready for you to ultilise on EBAY now for free...with so many more extras and benefits if you READ SOME MORE OF MY GUIDES...I hope by now now some of you are getting excited about planning an "EVENT"...your is GREAT TO PRACTICE BEING AN EVENT ORGANISER IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD as it has flow on effects in the real world you can transfer your knowledge and plan more parties/birthdays/anniversaries etc...creating another POSITIVE BYPRODUCT of BUSSINESS SUCCESS and growth in this worthwhile industry...I plan to put it into practice saving money this year by planning my own wedding later this YEAR for the FIRST and ONLY!!!TIME!!!TRUST me...after all of this planning...I am not marrying anybody else,ever!!!BUT enough of have a few options in place on ebay that you can get your bussiness contacts...HOW MANY PEOPLE can say already I have 499 people to indivually email an invit to my virtual shop opening...just using my feedback trading there is no paper costs involved to me only a TIME's up to the individual sellers how many or few they want to invite...but the more the merrier they always say...what's wrong with asking a bussiness contact to look at your work on ebay...make your own bussiness guide coming on CHEAP ALTERNATIVES...I have also changed how I use FAVOURITE SELLERS...instead of waiting as I used to for the end of the transaction to decide wether to add them due to my experiences I am doing the reverse...If I find someone new immediately with bargains of what I am currently hunting for...then I add them straight away...This may surprise many bussiness as they see that they have been added and haven't even had to do anything you have no item yet or service to report on....usually how most people decide...I used to also heap heaps of emails as they take alot of time to read as I never ever HIT MASS DELETE  anything in my life...It took me three days to read thru over 3000 emails and I couldn't get it any smaller than 500 saved...lucky yahoo has increased there storage for ultilise this email storage now you have created a second bussiness contacts list already BUT for different reasons as the you can use it for more reasons to...I now sign up for every email please box I can click every email is FREE BUSSINESS ADVICE FOM SOMEWHERE SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO ME...I can choose to invite people BACKWARDS from this list too...I can send an email invitation or even a paper one too...I can and am designing an opening invitation on paper as well...I have started to collect mailing contacts within AUSTRALIA in a seperate hardcovered exercise is best...think about how you can group then into colours/subjets/reasons etc...then I am also going to post limited edition invitations signed by the self representing artist with a colour picture of one of my works...FOR FREE FOR TRADING POSITIVELY...then I have also DESIGNED AN INVITATION/POSTCARD ART/COLLECTABLE/MODERN DAY LIVING WORKING SURVIVING SUCCESSFULL ARTIST...who can't spell very well...enough for now...9:04PM...6feb"08...
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