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Just a quick one I just found out, and NOT from the Ebay Help pages (which I now call the UN help pages)

I have always listed in OZ as I am local and proud to sell in Australian dollars, even though the majority of my target market are NORMALLY buying in USD and GBP.

I have just found out that eBay Oz listings are seriously handicapped in visibility on the UK search engine at least, possibly others, I will keep updating as I find out more,  HERE'S WHY.

Did You know that if you list direct on US or UK eBay (and are 'Powerseller' or 'Top rated Seller' in Australia) there is a tick box on the listing page, headed as International visibility that you pay a few pennies for (13 pence or 0.40 USD). that places your listing in the HOME page search of the other countries listings?  ( I.E.  you are listing on .com USA and select the 40c option and your listing appears on UK search like a LOCAL ITEM, that is the buyer does not have to search " including international listings" )

The reverse is true if listing on UK and select to be visible on the USA site. 
Update January 2014 NOTE if you are a casual seller without TRS or Powerseller status we may as well call you internationally INVISIBLE, because when they say TRS gives you better search engine ranking, its subtle language for being OMITTED from the international search engine in the home page search on the USA site. and you will not be able to see the button on the listing form for 'International Site Visibility'  when listing direct on the USA/UK  domain. 
SUPER bad news if you are not TRS, if you list direct on USA domain to capture the international buyers, only people logged onto USA and DOMICILED in USA can see your listings.  Australians will not see you , neither will your Asian or rest of world clients, even if they are logged onto USA.  THAT is why you need to have TRS and Powerseller status for selling overseas.  Casual seller status is not worth ANYTHING if you intend selling overseas. To get seen by International clients listing inside or outside of OZ domain , you really need TRS, so build up your qualifications selling locally (Currently 1000AUD AND 100 items in 12months?) THEN and only then Target the overseas market preferably listing direct on overseas domains.  ONCE you have TRS, your AUSTRALIAN listings will at least now appear on the USA domain, in the local items search, but still not the UK domain.  AGAIN That is why I list direct on UK/USA domain and tick the internationalvisibility option. I CAN NOT emphasize how important it is to be seen on the other domains.  Casual seller status USED to be the only way to get 40 free listings a month, but now even powersellers get that (only if not a store subscription)  and what is the point of 40 free listings if they are invisible..........?????? 

Update 9 feb 2013.  just had an interesting week where 3 of my 6 listings did not show up on the search engine internationally for OVER 3 days, still ebay stick to their parroted excuse "it takes 24 hours to index (NO try upto  72hrs) and "if an item is revised it gets re indexed"  nice excuses, I keep hearing them, They should check before they spew out excuses, I never revised them......)  and they closed unsold wonder why......   LESSON learned??? NEVER ASSUME your listings are showing, if listing international visibility, go and log into USA or UK domain and do a check search, then get straight onto relevant domain customer UN-help to sort it out.

But I digress, back to the main point of this review.................

This visibility fee is not an option on the OZ sell an item form................


The result????

To be fair, your item (at least mine always have  done UP UNTIL SEPT 22 fee changes 2011, but mysteriously suddenly, my oz listings sometimes have not)  appear in the USA home page search as if you are a local selling there, while actually listing from  OZ ebay, (log in to USA site direct, then do a search for your own item and don't tick from international sellers, to see if yours does., some do some don't, check yours and your category carefully)

But the rub is, don't expect to be seen on the UK site, which is a bit stiff,    if that is where you expect to sell your item or be seen by buyers who normally look for your items on uk site.......

Yes I have sent both a complaint and a formal suggestion for their site programers (OZ)  to get their fingers out and adjust with a selectable option.

And until then folks anything I want to, or expect to sell  to the UK market , or people searching on that market will be put direct on the .Co.UK site and pay the 13 pence to appear on the US site as a home listing. ALSO because my items are located in Australia, they still appear in the local search on the OZ site. (But only for people searching for items LOCATED in Australia)
REPEAT in case you didn't get that first time round, list direct on ebay and pay 13pence to appear on the US Site as a 'local listing', and because your item location is Australia, it also appears as a local search item here in Australia.  In case you still don't understand that ramification, it means people loggd into UK or USA or Australia ebay doing a local search not including items from International; sellers, will ALL see your items as if you were a local seller............. think about THAT for visibility.................., the down side is you will be recieving lots of GBP, so hold it in your paypal until the exchange rate gets favorable then whizz it back to AUD.  You can make money on currency trading!!!!!

It's called voting with your virtual feet. Never thought I'd emigrate, but virtually (online) I will now be doing a lot more this way, not to mention the free gallery listing in UK.
UPDATE 6/6/10 Having just recieved my May  fees statement, it appears listing on UK site from OZ, the listing fee is split between UK and OZ sites, but not in line with either sites stated fees. eg a 14.99 GBP listing SHOULD have cost 25p + 13p international visibility fee for usa site, but the account for that only shows .09p to uk + .09p to oz, got free gallery as stated, and as yet no 13p international visibility fee?????SO the grand total for a 14.99gbp start (about 24aud) was only 18p (about 30c) wheras listed direct on OZ would have been $1.34 ( 75c start price (24aud)+ 59c gallery). Did you get what I just said...... 30c list fee not $1.34 and home page search visibility to buyers on all three major ebay sites USA, UK and AU.!!!!!  NONE OF THIS IS MENTIONED ON EBAYS OWN HELP PAGES. 

UPDATE 25/9/11 .        EXPENSIVE FINAL VALUE FEES COMPARED TO AUSTRALIA ??? not anymore !!!!! as of 22 sept 2011 all oz Final value fees are 7.9% (2014 update 10%.........)

Up until the fee change in sept 2011 in OZ, this comment was devoted to saying that although oz fees over $75 sale price were only 2.75%, and UK was a net 8.75% to oz listers, it was still good value to list in the UK, for the better visibility as described above, to lift your final sale price. with more bidders finding your items. 

Now the Oz final value fee is 7.9%, (ahem 10%....) its a non contest where the best visibility is  given the similar Final Value Fees now charged by OZ or UK..  Not to mention the fact U K GALLERY FEE IS FREE, AND ALL FVF IS CAPPED AT 40GBP, WHERE AS ONLY THE FIRST 30 TRANSACTIONS  FOR CASUAL SELLERS HAS  A CAPPED FINAL VALUE FEE in Australia. STILL GET 100 x 99P FREE AUCTION LISTINGS PER MONTH AS WELL.  As I said to the OZ HELP LINE when I said "So long and thanks for all the fish" why would I pay rolls royce fees for a rick-shaw service because you just can't see Australian listings easily if logged into UK or USA.  I will only list in $AUD if I believe the only possible sale is to an Australian, any chance of an overseas sale, and that is where I will list it.  

The week the fees changed I sold an item listed on UK that had 50 page hits and 5 watchers after only 3 days. I bought an exact same item listed in  Australia cheaper, and after 5 days that seller had 3 page hits, one was him,, one me and someone else who didn't bid. confirmed  to me why I won't be listing in OZ anytime soon. Late Dec 2012 I won an item in OZ with international postage quoted, for opening bid $50.  I immediately re listed on UK, starting at that price, and it sold for 173gbp (277aud)  Yep , listing in Australia works, for me.......but not for you if I buy it off you ............


ALSO of course paypal dip their fat financial finger in your newly aquired bigger pool of GBP , they of course take a higher upfront fee on international cross border transactions, if its GBP they seem to swipe (From me anyway ) 0,20GBP +3.4% of the GBP TOTAL including of course the postage you got paid,  (that is up from the standard 2.4% if recieved in AUD) OH and of course, AFTER having lost an extra 1%, upfront, when you hit the convert funds calculator, they use some wholesale exchange rate and then they load that with a 2.5% fee as well..... 

SO your OVERALL increase in sales prices overseas compared to just listing in OZ will have to be at least 3.5% bigger to cover the PAYPAL swipe, er....commission,  PLUS at least another 0.85% for the higher FVF,(8.75-7.9)  SO TO COVER THE EXTRA COMMISSION FROM  Paypal and eBay your sales really will have to be at an increase of 4.5% higher JUST to cover the loss thru paypal 3.5% +FVF extra 0.8%  

JUST for the record, I AM WAY INFRONT ON USUAL EXPECTED Final sale price at auction, so I am sure it is worthwhile for my genre, even tho there is now a more careful eye kept on exchange rate fluctuations, and I now quote in the invoice I set up for each world zone a postage rate that makes sure I still get paid for the AUD Postage I need to get, so I am not losing on that side of the exchange. (wheras in AUD sales I used to just cop the 2.4% loss on postage funds, that won't be happening anymore.....

If you are still intent on listing in Australia after the above revelation, one more hint, if you have a valuable collectible that gets big money overseas, don't list it only quoting postage for Australia,   because you can't be bothered deciding how much overseas postage will be. So you leave the international postage section off the listing. Then you put a comment in the description saying "Overseas bidders welcome "  because I, or somebody else will win your auction, and promptly do what you couldn't be bothered to do, and that is quote, overseas postage in the postage tab.  The reason you see is, that if you don't fill in the  "Post to Worldwide " tick box in the postage tab, then ebay search engines will not show the rest of the world the item. The only bargain hunters that can see it are the ones directly logged into and searching on ebay OZ......
The number of  items I have picked up locally (only visible in Australia due to that listing omission) and immediately sold on overseas for double the price is frightening for those of you who think putting local post only is gonna work for you.  But of course, I don't use this registration to do my buying........

If you are worried about how to quote the correct postage overseas, then you better read my other guide on Overseas postage calculator URGENTLY.
BUT NOTE, if you follow my first tip and list on the postage calculator is not linked to OZ postage, you will have to quote your post inside the item description, because it assumes local post is within UK, and overseas destinations are places like Australia.  SO there is good and bad news in every step you make in ebay world.  Much more chance of having some nitwit buyer 'PING" you for excessive post when he claims the rate quoted for local post was overcharged, as you were displaying the UK local post rate on search results and posting from Australia.  MAKE IT VERRRYY CLEAR IN DESCRIPTION BODY TEXT WHAT POST THEY ARE GONNA REALLY PAY. Preferably right at the top of the listing, so they can't say they missed it.
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