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How do you find good books to read?

People who love reading love all different kinds of books. Some people love books that provide an escape, while others will only read to learn something new. Some people only read magazines, while others will read nothing but fiction. No matter your preference, finding something to read is not always easy. So, what’s the best way to find good books to read?

There are plenty of sites that offer recommendations and reviews on a wide range of books. While it may be tempting to check out bestseller lists, remember sometimes that books may be bestsellers because of the author’s name, or because of an extensive marketing campaign. Another option is to check out top lists online, such as the Top 100 Books of all Time.

Other ways to find good books include checking out authors who have a Nobel Prize in Literature. Alternatively, the classics are classic for a reason; take a look at Penguin’s Classics selection to get some ideas. Now, as another way to find good books, head to eBay’s collection of non-fiction and fiction to find amazing deals and amazing reads.