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What are the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One?

Representing the zenith of gaming technology the PS4 and Xbox One consoles have die-hard fans worldwide. Starting the differences with aesthetics, vents mar the bulkier Xbox One console, which measures about 5 cm longer and wider than the sleeker and slimmer PS4 console. The latter lacks the connectivity of the Xbox One console; however, additions like HDMI in and IR blaster connection for cable or satellite boxes may not see much use, depending on the user. As for games, each video game console offers unique titles, with the PS4 console boasting more indie selections, such as the Hotline Miami 2 and Resogun games, which may appeal to those who enjoy retro platformers and creative storylines, while commercially successful titles like the Call of Duty series tip favour towards the Xbox One console for some. In terms of online gameplay, Microsoft's flagship console from a refined interface and frequent updates ensures a smooth experience, while the PS4 console lags behind as evident in the longer time spent offline. Nonetheless, the DualShock 4 controller balances the scales, as its design eliminates thumb collision and ensures optimal gameplay, while the Xbox One controller falls short in comparison. Besides hardware, both consoles incorporate applications into their software. The sheer variety available on the Xbox One console on top of its ability to operate as a streaming and cable box help it outshine the PS4 console in this arena.


What are smart TVs?


A smart TV takes an interactive all-in-one approach to television. Also referred to as connected TVs, smart TVs can connect to the Internet, access social media, subscription services, and stream movies, music, and more. They feature built-in applications to guide your viewing experience, or you can connect it to a set top box and integrate the two. A smart TV provides a more customized television experience, which electronics lovers appreciate.


Do you need headphones or earbuds?


First, decide how and when you plan to use them. Earbuds are great when you are on the move or enjoying a workout session. They are lightweight and easily stored. Some have an over-the-ear hook to hold them in your ear canal more snugly. However, headphones tend to offer better sonic experiences as they are larger and sit on your ear. For convenience, wireless headphones eliminate the risk of tangled, caught, or pulled cords. Nevertheless, both higher-end earbuds and headphones incorporate audiophile-pleasing features like bass boost, noise cancellation, and noise isolation.