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What are the most essential pieces of camping gear?


Unless you plan to sleep out under the stars, you need a tent. Designs range from ultra-lightweight hiking models that you can carry for kilometres to gigantic family-sized tarpaulin palaces. Do not forget a waterproof groundsheet, guy-ropes, and a set of tent pegs. For the interior, decide between a sleeping bag and inflatable mattress. Sleeping bags range from light synthetic options to warm, luxurious models insulated with goose down. Manufacturers often describe them in terms of seasons. Three-season bags are the most versatile, while four-season sleeping bags prove warmer for winter and one- or two-season bags are lighter for summer. As night-time temperatures vary widely throughout the year, you may need more than one sleeping bag to go on camping excursions all year round. Furthermore, unless you are car camping, you also need a good-quality backpack to store all your gear. Avoid one bigger than you actually need, as the extra weight can really make a difference when climbing up hills in the sun. Finally, a good pair of well-fitted and supportive boots or shoes are your best friends on the trail.


How do you create a great home workout room?


The humble pull-up bar is an affordable and useful first piece of equipment. If space is at a premium, a door frame-mounted option can work in almost any home. Similarly, home suspension training kits fit into almost any home and store away easily. Moreover, kettlebells are another great option for limited space, as they come in a wide range of weights, and you can use them for a wide variety of exercises. On the other hand, the fitness enthusiast with more space could consider a stand-alone home gym. These combine several different pieces of strength training equipment into one relatively compact piece of machinery. Alternatively, you can invest in a power rack for free weight exercises. If you prefer cardio to weights, work up a sweat on your very own treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or rowing machine.


How can you stay active if you do not play sports?


You do not have to be a star athlete to appreciate quality sporting goods. Make the most of Australia's world-famous beaches with swimming equipment, water sports gear, surfboards, and inflatable boats. Work up a sweat in the gym or in your own front room with resistance bands, hand grippers, exercise balls, and fitness DVDs. Whether you are a hiker, a golfer, a yogi, or a gym rat, you can find suitable apparel and equipment for your specific needs at eBay. If you would rather watch sports than play them, show your true colours with past and present replica kits from your favourite rugby, soccer, or AFL teams. The truly dedicated fan can also find all kinds of sports memorabilia.