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Based in Australia, ozinnovations has been an eBay member since 17 Aug, 2003

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by ozinnovations
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BEWARE of CHEAP Unserviced Non-AU Breathalysers on eBay
THERE is no excuse to drink and drive. We all know it is wrong and you should never gamble with that old query: ‘‘Am I over the limit?’’.Either err on the side of caution, or get yourself a small breathalyser unit. But you're probably wondering, which one do I get?Here's a few things to look out for:Ease of useThis is fairly straightforward. If you've downed a few drinks you don't want to be fumbling around with the device as you find the right combination of keys to press before you can get ...
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How To Recalibrate your Andatech Breathalysers
All Andatech breathalysers can be calibrated. Calibration allows the breathalyser to retain its accuracy even after hundreds of tests. Other products that do not offer calibration lose their accuracy over time and will not provide you with accurate readings. The calibration feature provides greater accuracy in readings with increased reliability. What is Calibration? All breathalysers indicate a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level based on the information stored in the sensor’s memory. ...
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Workplace Breathalyzers Rated for Best Performance
Worldwide polls show that 1 in 10 people show up for work drunk. And in most cases, employers have no way of verifying it. It’s an especially concerning problem for workplaces where employees drive planes, trains, and other vehicles, perform intricate job tasks, or are liable for the well-being of others, such as medical personnel and teachers. With the development and affordability of workplace breathalysers, it makes smart business sense to have employee alcohol testing devices on the work...