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by q12w3ememberqawxt6879
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Lying sellers “Location Abuse” Check it out !
Please vote yes for this guide so we can help others!   Have you ever purchased an item on eBay uk only to find out the seller was located in Hong Kong? This act is called “Location Abuse” and it is happening on eBay all the time. If the seller is registered in Hong Kong, and they say in their auction: "Fast shipping from Hong Kong, United Kingdom" they have committed location abuse. They're fooling the search into thinking the item is in the UK. I myself, witnessed this jus...
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Dirty Tricks By Cheating Sellers must be Stopped !
Its about time ebay got some new policies to stop these dirty tricks that other ebay sellers are doing. Its usually by small time sellers or sellers struggling to get the sales. It's the old time trick of get rid of your competition, to be more successfull yourself. Most successfull ebay sellers like ourselves know it take time and alot of work to gain a good strong feedback and more importantly to gain the trust of the buyers, in many cases it takes alot to gain regular return customers...
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How To Spot Shill Bidding On Ebay
How To Spot Shill Bidding On Ebay Please vote yes for this guide so we can help others!         If you are a user of eBay then the chances are, that you have already come across the term “shill bidding”. Shill bidding, is bidding that is used to artificially inflate the price of a certain item. Shill bidding usually takes place when the seller of an item wishes to increase the price, or generate interest in the item. The seller would usually get a fri...