1:18 Diecast Model Cars

Every car aficionado knows the pain of loving far more cars than could ever fit into the garage, driveway, and lounge combined. And then there’s cars that are literally one of a kind, like the V8 Interceptor, that you’ll never be able to get your hands on in a million years. Or could you? Well, no, not as a real, full-sized car anyway. But what you can do is fill out a display case with 1:18 scale models of the cars you really love. There aren’t just road cars either, you’ll find plenty of rally and Formula One cars in the selection, as well as movie cars and classical cars.

Collect and Display

1:18 scale models have the added advantage of being a lot easier to store, as well as cheaper and easier to obtain, than the full size thing. You can spend whole afternoons adding lighting, adjusting the layout of each shelf in your case, and making sure everything is just right. You can also get smaller, one-car display cases sized for 1:18 scale cars right here as well. These are often fitted with LED lights to light your model car up like the real thing might be lit up in a showroom or museum.

Vehicle Types

There are as many kinds of 1:18 scale models as there are types of vehicles. Classical cars and famous racing cars are the most common, but you can also get utes, busses, vans and even motorcycles and industrial vehicles. You can sort for all of these separately as well, so it’s really easy to theme a collection or expand it in a particular direction.

Different Sizes

When it comes to arranging your collection, there are probably a few centre pieces that you want to draw the eye to. One way to do that is to have those particular cars in 1:18 scale and to otherwise have the rest as 1:76 diecast vehicles or 1:64 diecast vehicles. Those are much smaller scales, so your larger 1:18 scale models will stand out. On top of that, you’ll be able to fit even more cars onto a shelf that way!

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