1:43 Diecast Vehicles

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1:43 Diecast Vehicles

Ranging in size from 3 to 5 inches, 1:43 diecast vehicles are on the smaller side of model vehicles. Just because they are small, doesn't mean they lack in realistic detail. Many of these collectable models have a precise make, and the tiniest of details ensure they are accurate portrayals of the real thing. There are a wide range of vehicles available in the 1:43 size range to appeal to just about any collector or hobbyist. This size is also suitable for children who enjoy playing with cars, trucks and other vehicles.

What Types of 1:43 Diecast Vehicles Are There?

  • Cars, trucks and vans. There is a wide range of diecast model cars and diecast trucks available including regular sedans and passenger vans, semi trucks, service trucks, racecars, and pick-up trucks.
  • Boats and ships. Boats and ships models include sports boats, cruise ships, as well as large naval and battleships.
  • Aircrafts and spacecraft. Aircraft models are a fun way for any enthusiast young and old to live out their dreams. These include small prop planes to large commercial aircraft. Spacecraft models are usually exact replicas of famous spacecraft that have flown important missions in our history of space exploration.
  • Farm vehicles. Farm vehicles are a great way to re-enact life on a farm for any country lover. These models include diecast tractors, front loaders, livestock trailers, cultivators and trucks.
  • Construction equipment. Construction models are a special favourite for children who love to play with all types of construction equipment including cranes, diggers, cement mixers, trucks, and front loaders.
  • Motorcycles and ATV's. Motorcycles and ATV models (all-terrain vehicles) are another favourite of young children to collect and play with.
  • Tanks and military vehicles. Diecast tanks and military vehicles are popular vehicles to collect for military buffs and avid collectors. Other military vehicles include trucks and equipment people use during battle.

What Materials Are 1:43 Diecast Vehicles Made Of?

  • Diecast - Molten lead or zinc alloy, these are a common material many models use.
  • Cast iron - On the heavier side and very durable, for better quality diecast vehicles.
  • Plastic - Very inexpensive and tend to break easily.
  • Tin - Common for much older models.
  • Pressed steel - Another common material for vintage models.
  • Resin - Common for specific parts and pieces.