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1:64 Scale Slot Cars

Model car tracks have been popular toys for decades, with makes like Scalextric becoming household names. While slot cars come in a number of scales, most beginners are best off starting with 1:64 scale cars, as they are smaller and less expensive. After scale, the next question is digital or analogue.

What's the Difference Between Digital and Analogue Slot Cars?

There are two main types of slot cars, and they can both operate on the same tracks. Each choice offers a different set of advantages and tradeoffs:

  • Analogue Slot Cars: Analogue cars are simple to use and relatively inexpensive. Each car runs in a separate track and its speed depends on the amount of current fed through the track.
  • Digital Slot Cars: Digital sets are more expensive than analogue, but electronics control the cars, so they can do things like share the same track and cross over without issue.

Advantages of Scale

The biggest advantage of HO scale Scalextric sets, or similar kits, is size. You can actually set up a decent slot car track in a large room or garage without difficulty.