1:8 Radio Control Toys

Radio controlled (RC) vehicles and toys can be great fun for kids big and small. What could be better than taking control of a mini dune buggy, racing car, monster truck, rock crawler car, aircraft or boat? Enjoy them on your own or race against friends. RC toys are made tough to withstand crashes and falls, making playing with them all the more fun.


RC vehicles and other toys come in a range of sizes. A scale of 1:8 means that the toy is one eighth the size of a full-size vehicle. This scale and 1:10 are commonly used for RC cars. RC aircraft and ships come in a range of sizes depending on how big the full scale version is. For example, an RC model of the Titanic could be 1:325, while a fighter plane might be 1:64. At the other end of the scale, there are even RC vehicles large enough for young children to ride on.

Model Airplanes

If you prefer flying to driving, there's a huge range of RC model airplanes. Choose from biplanes, gliders, aerobatic planes, warbirds and more. Options in 1:8 scale include Piper Super Cub, Spitfire, F18 Hornet and Mustang. RC drones are also available, which can be great for capturing aerial photos and videos.

Build Your Own Kits

For anyone into building models as well as playing with RC toys, an unassembled radio control toy vehicle kit can be a great choice. Building your own RC vehicle can be very satisfying. There are many kits to choose from, both in terms of vehicle type and scale. Specifically, 1:8 scale kits available include cars, buggies, trucks, motorcycles, excavators and airplanes.

Other RC Toys

Many other RC toys are also available. These include boats, such as submarines, hovercraft, racing boats, sailboats and military ships, as well as helicopters, robots and even animals.