10" Car Subwoofers

10-inch Car Subwoofer

You can enhance your car audio listening experience with a 10-inch subwoofer. If you’re looking to upgrade your sound system in your car, the 10-inch size works well with most compact vehicles, though there are also other sizes that include 12-inch and 18-inch options.

Where can I put a subwoofer?

Traditionally, subwoofers are installed in the rear of your vehicle, but some cars and trucks don’t have the ability to accommodate a sound system in the rear, so you do have other options. For instance, there are under-seat versions available, and you should look for ultra-thin compartments if you have little space to work with. Your boat may also allow for 10-inch subs, but make sure to look for weatherproof or weather-resistant subwoofers in this case.

Do I need a subwoofer box or enclosure?

A subwoofer box is what holds the audio component. Boxes are often quite bulky, but there are slimmer, more compact versions available. You will need an enclosure for your 10-inch subs if you want to get the maximum bass, and there are four distinct types of enclosures: free-air subs, bandpass boxes, ported enclosures, and sealed enclosures.

What are powered subwoofers?

Having a powered sub frees you from trying to match a sub, amplifier and enclosure. It acts as all three in one and can save you a great deal of time during installation.