Why you should choose 100% cotton bed sheets

Start every day off right with a good night’s sleep. It might sound cliche, but getting a decent rest is the best way to bring your A-game—as well as a bunch of health benefits. So say goodbye to those old sheets and hello to new cotton sheets. 

Cotton is a pure, natural material, which means it is breathable. Your body temperature changes through the night and cotton absorbs the heat from your body, so you can stay cool—no one likes waking up hot and sticky! It is also great on those cooler nights as it will absorb and retain body heat to keep your temperature consistent, so your sleep is uninterrupted. 

Cotton sheets are also soft on your skin, so if you suffer from a skin condition or have sensitive skin, cotton is a good pick. It is naturally hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause irritation or itchiness.

Other benefits are that it is low maintenance and lasts a long time. Chuck it in the washing machine at 40 degrees and let it wash. You can also pop it on a low-heat tumble dry, and then you are done.

Browse eBay to find a wide range of cotton bed sheets, as well as blankets, pillowcases and more.