Men’s Cotton Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts have been a staple in men’s fashion for many years with roots tracing back to the military. The cargo short is a relaxed style of trousers that pairs well with most other styles of clothing making them one of the more versatile shorts available. Cotton cargo shorts are particularly comfortable, cooling and durable thanks to this adaptable material. Men’s cotton cargo shorts are both functional and fashionable so they’re ideal for relaxing, entertaining or getting outdoors.

Breathable and Durable Material

Cotton shorts have an advantage over synthetic styles of men’s shorts thanks to their natural makeup and this makes them the perfect material for clothing. Men’s cotton cargo shorts will last for years thanks to their durability and they’re ideal for all kinds of weather. Cotton is naturally flexible and breathable which means your cargo shorts will never weigh you down.

Range of Styles

The most basic style of cargo short features a military look with larger pockets but in addition to this type, there are other offshoots of cargo style. The cargo short can feature multiple pockets, come in varying colours and patterns, and even have the option to convert them from a long trouser to a short one with a zipper placed above the knee.

Functional and Fashionable

Men’s cargo shorts serve as a functional accessory and not just a fashionable one. Thanks to the many pockets, loops and straps found on cargo shorts, men are able to use them to store personal items like fishing equipment, wallets, food and camping gear. This is one piece of men’s clothing that can replace the need for a backpack so it’s preferred for those who like to travel light.

Sizes and Shapes for Every Man

Cotton cargo shorts are a versatile garment that men of all sizes can wear, shapes and body types, with everyone feeling comfortable wearing them. The cargo short comes in different sizes for every body shape with varying styles from relaxed to fitted and they suit men of all heights.