100% Cotton Socks for Women

Women’s Cotton Socks

Women’s cotton socks come in different lengths, thicknesses and designs suitable for wearing during all seasons and occasions. They can generally be purchased in pairs or multi-packs. Women’s cotton socks come in many designs that will match your outfits and different types of footwear, such as boots, sneakers and work-appropriate shoes.


Women’s cotton socks are available in ankle-high, knee-high, thigh-high and toe socks. Boot socks are also available in differing lengths to match different boot heights. For a visually pleasing effect, it is best to match your cotton socks with your footwear’s style and height. In some cases, no-show socks may be your preference. Some cotton socks have built-in non-skid grips in the sole that increase grip; non-skid grips can vary, from thicker padding to textured weave-patterns to plastic or rubber overlay. Similar to women’s cotton socks are leggings, which cover the entirety of both legs.


Popular cotton sock designs include plain, striped and spotted socks. Women’s cotton socks are also available in animal print, floral print and other designs. Designs come in a variety of colours.


Cotton is a natural plant-based fibre that is used to make socks, clothing and more. A breathable material, cotton is soft and comfortable to wear. Women’s cotton socks are made to be durable and warm; they are a staple item in all wardrobes. Cotton socks protect feet from the elements and from rubbing shoes.

Care instructions

To care for cotton socks, wash them with similar colours using a cold gentle machine wash and mild detergent. Turn them inside out and let them air dry. Avoid using bleach and don’t tumble dry or dry clean. Read all care instructions on your cotton socks before use. Note that cotton is flammable, so it must be kept away from intense heat sources, such as heaters.